Friday, December 05, 2008

Mean Joe Greene Gets Slammed in Lower Nazareth Township

Mean Joe Greene publishes Lower Nazareth Tp Citizens' Forum, a place "to share opinions and comments" about the warehousing district between Nazareth and Bethlehem. Like NewsOverCoffee: Nazareth News, this is a hyper-local blog. Joe actually attends meetings and provides independent reports. He loaded Lower Nazareth Township's proposed budget, not generally available, on his blog. That work alone is a public service. Naturally, township officials are very angry with him.

At a recent supervisor's meeting, Township Manager Tim Tenges spent most of the evening complaining about Mean Joe Greene. According to Tenges, Joe the Blogger engages in "conjecture and innuendo." He even "twists things."

Tenges admits plastering Greene anonymously. A township manager, posing as FULibs, posted this comment at NewsOverCoffee: "If Joe Green is doing such a good job of keeping a eye on things in Lower Nazareth, he should have enough b###s to run for Supervisor. Any half baked liberal can sit on the sidelines, write half truths on websites and spread doom and gloom from left wing intelectually [sic] dishonest scientists."

Well, Tiny Tim, imagine what a fully baked liberal can do! Maybe I should join Joe the Blogger at their next meeting. Sounds like fun. I'd love to know why Lower Nazareth Township has become the warehousing capital of the universe.

What I love most about this story is that some local potentates are perturbed by a Nazareth area blogger, and it isn't me.
Update: NewsOverCoffee has a kinder, gentler account about Timmy's temper tantrum with Joe the Blogger.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Mr. Tenges, try to maintain your cool. I suggest this as a conservative who generally likes the job you've done.

Take a lesson from the recent election. Nothing will bring liberalism upon us faster than conservatives who don't govern and conduct themselves like conservatives.

Open and acountable government is, believe it or not, a cornerstone of conservatism.

Anonymous said...

oops, "accountable"

Anonymous said...

A Township Manager shouldn't be posting on blogs. Stay classy there, Tim.

Anonymous said...

Here is the typical "whine" by politicos (elected and the 'elite').

You are BANNED from any comments unless you actually run for office. (And you won't win, unless you play the game and appease the politicos and the 'elite'.)

Sorry, but maybe many citizens have no desire to be politicians.

And it is quite American to scrutinize politicians, hold them accountable and publicize what they do. What Joe does is as American as apple pie.

Go Mean Joe! Now if Joe is a lib, I would probably disagree with him about a lot of policy issues. However, I find many libs and conservatives waging the same fight for open and accountable government. And it seems that many D's and R's in the establishment are working together against open and accountable government!

Perhaps the real battleline isn't R vs. D or Lib vs. Conservative.

Maybe it is taxpayers/citizens against politicians?