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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nazareth Center For Arts to Host House Tour This Saturday

Did you know Nazareth has a Center For the Arts? Well, it does, and this group will conduct a tour of seven "distinguished houses" in and around Nazareth on Saturday between 10 AM and 3 PM.

How do houses get distinguished? Do they grow beards?

This is no freebie. Tickets, $20 a pop, are being sold at the Nazareth Chamber of Commerce (201 N. Main St, Phone 610-759-9188), Lynn's Florist (30 S. Main St.) and Donahoe Farms (589 E. Lawn Rd). Money raised from this event will be used to convert the old firehouse at 30 Belvidere Street into a Center for the Arts to be used by everyone. Still, $20 is a bit steep, especially since my estate is off limits. You see, I gave the servants off this weekend.

I think they should include a carwash.

The unique feature of this tour is that there will be musicians and an artist at each home. Artists include Claire Lukas, Brenda Messinger-Voll, Robert Lichner, Jane Marshall, Diane Werkheiser and Dottie Nealon. Ronnie Simpson will show her photography. Musicians include Nazareth High Band students and two guitarists.


Anonymous said...

My house is "distinguished"...from the others around it by the amount of work it needs done to it!

Anonymous said...

Who do I contact regarding the Nazareth Center for the Arts?