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Friday, December 12, 2008

Put a Nickel in the Drum

Perhaps one of the best charities, especially at Christmas, is The Salvation Army. From youth camps to elderly services, this group of dedicated volunteers helped 35 million people in 2006. According to Major Roger Duperee, over 2,600 Lehigh Valley families have asked the Army for help this Christmas. That's 18% more than last year. So far, it has only half the toys and gifts it needs for needy children this Christmas.

How can we help?

There's always the "put a nickel in the drum" approach. The Red Kettle Christmas campaign provides food, toys and clothing to over 6 million people during the Christmas season. As of December 7, the Salvation Army was at about 40% of its needed target of $350,000 here in the Lehigh Valley.

You can also donate toys to the Lehigh Valley Toys for Tots. Over four pages of local drop off locations all over the area are listed here. For teens between 13 and 16, there is a great need for gift cards.

You can also donate directly to the Salavation Army at the following locations:

Allentown: 144 North 8th Street, Phone (610) 432-0129.

Bethlehem: 521 Pembroke Rd, Phone (610) 867-4681.

Salvation Army Toy Castle: Westgate Mall Phone (610) 653-6395

Easton: 1110 Northampton St, Phone (610) 258-9531.

Pen Argyl: 301 W Main St, Phone (610) 863-6677.

Update: Both QCD and Michael Molovinsky have stories about this, too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, BH, for choosing to discuss this VERY timely topic. LUPO's Beef & Ale and Project R.E.A.L. have teamed up to do Project R.E.A.L.'s 1at ANNUAL TOY DRIVE. (It's an unorthodox union for these unorthodox times) (smile)
We had a GREAT turnout last night despite the yucky weather and will continue collecting new/unused toys and monetary donations throughout the weekend. We will be distributing the items to OTHER non-profit organizations in the LV area who will distribute them to the families in need. People seem to forget that non-profit organizations "need love too."

Alfonso Todd


Anonymous said...


Great post. This is a rock solid charity with low to no overhead and a dedication to those in need in the toughest areas.
Needless to say they are very active in Downtown Allentown. I drop something in the kettle every time I pass one of their selfless volunteers. These faith oriented people ring a bell for hours in the worst weather and they do it cheerfully.

Scott Armstrong

Pamela Varkony said...


Thanks for using the power of L.V. Ramblings to get this message out.

The Salvation Army is a wonderful organization who does God's work here on earth.

The Toys for Tots drive is a great partnership. The Marines do much of it themselves including sorting the toys into age categories.

This is going to be a tough Christmas for so many children: Any of us who can help...should.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Alfonso, You are incredible. And I apologize for not covering R.E.A.L.'S first Christmas drive. I completely forgot.

Anonymous said...

"The Salvation Army is a wonderful organization who does God's work here on earth."

Including discriminating against gays.

I give my $$ to Big Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, thanks as well.

Anon 10:21, you don't have to agree with everything about an organization to acknowledge the good work their people do. Remember, tolerance works both ways.

The Banker

Chris Miller said...

Nice to see you turning that other cheek that you all are always telling us to do. You might want to lead by example
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

The Salvation Army is one of the best organizations on the face of the earth.