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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sterling Raber Will NOT Seek Reelection as Lehigh County Comm'r

I was told I would be very interested in last night's Lehigh County Commissioners' meeting, but never made it. My favorite Lehigh County Commissioner, pig farmer Sterling Raber, won't seek reelection next year. A commissioner since 1981, Raber has been that legislative body's quiet man. He never says much. He mostly listens. Don't be fooled. This open space advocate is the reason why Lehigh County ranks third in farmland preservation and fifth in total acres preserved among all Pa. counties.

At every meeting, with just a hint of a Pennsylvania Dutch accent, he'll make a brief statement. It's just one or two sentences, almost like a frickin' haiku. I would find myself thinking more about his brief statement than what everyone else had said that night.

Even in the People's Republic of Northampton County, Raber is very well-respected and admired.

Last year, Comm'r Bill Leiner once awarded Sterling an IronPigs snout, but they're going to have to top that now. Lifetime supply of scrapple?


Anonymous said...

Bernie, I am thankful for the opportunity to serve with Sterling. He provided me with many valuable tips throughout my first year as a Commissioner. Plus he truly is a nice, honest, decent man. I will miss him...... Peoples Republic of Northampton County ??? With all the bailouts involving US Government control of banks, investment houses, etc.., Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, LV Zoo, etc., etc. etc., did you mean the Peoples Republic of the United States of America ??? or as Sarah Palin (Remember her?) said .. "Socialism". Times are a changin'

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill for making sure you got our bailout in your very nice comments of our longest serving commissioner's retirement.