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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mike Fleck Can Only Make Two Promises

In his letter to Northampton County Council, Mike Fleck states, "I can only make two promises, One, because of my experience in local government I will be able to work from day one for the residents of Northampton County. The second promise is that I will not seek election to a fall term on County Council. I view this as a stewardship of the seat and will work hard for the residents, but don't believe an appointment to then seek election next year would be appropriate."

Fleck intends to use Wayne Grube's seat on Northampton County Council as a springboard from which he will launch his next city council race. His resume notes he received a "general degree" from Notre Dame High School. I didn't know high schools awarded degrees. Times must have changed. Currently, he sells furniture at Boscov's. As references, he lists Allentown Mayor Edwin Pawlowski and Easton city council member Sandy Vulcano.


Anonymous said...

Oh God. If he lists Mayor Pawlowski as a reference, NorCo is in trouble.

Pawlowski's financial solution is to borrow more and more money.

But if this guy is up against a reasonable fighter pilot who wants to be responsible, Fleck is a shoe in with the Pawlowski reference.

And we wonder why our country (government) is so screwed up!

Not that the GOP doesn't do similar things by picking 'safe' insiders instead of people who think of the taxpayer first instead of fellow government cronies.

It is the new Aristocracy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Joe, There's no fleckin' way they'll appoint Fleck. They are cRaZy, but not that cRaZy.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

I like Wayne's widow for the seat.

Maybe Pawlowski will drive a City owned SUV to another Fleck fundraiser in Easton.

Bernie, why did you not throw your name in this dog and pony show?

And as for Sandra Vulcano as a refrence, I recall Fleck belittled Pat behind the scenes and all sitting members of council publicly over Ruggles getting the seat over him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Bernie, why did you not throw your name in this dog and pony show?"

Because I would be terrible. My strength, such as it is, is in writing about what goes on locally. If I had political ambitions, people would say I was just interested in advancing myself and that everything I write is horseshit. That may still be true, but I have no interest in any office.

Anonymous said...

I nominate Billy Givens. The entertainment value alone would create a deafening public outcry for televised meetings.

Anonymous said...

Don't blow Fleck off. For some odd reason he has Demo insider Jim Hickey pushing him. God knows why?

Anonymous said...

"Don't blow Fleck off. For some odd reason he has Demo insider Jim Hickey pushing him. God knows why?"

according to who?