Tuesday, December 02, 2008

WGPA's Financial Controller on Northampton County Council?

In the course of guest-hosting on WGPA for Ron Angle before not-so Jolly Joe Timmer gave him the boot, I had the privilege of meeting Joe Zareczky. He was always there during the easrly morning hours, always listened to the shows, and definitely had his own opinions. Here's what he told Northampton County Council.

"I am a retired senior citizen applying for county council appointment to the unexpired term of the late Wayne Grube.

"I am a graduate of Moravian College with a BS degree in Economics and Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting and a MBA from Lehigh University.

"My work experience prior to retirement was 30 plus years as a Financial Controller in manufacturing at ITT Electron Tube, in Roanoke, VA and Easton, PA; Everson Electric in Bethlehem and Landis Technical Systems in Quakertown. At present, I work part-time as a Financial Controller for WGPA Radio Station and an Accountant for Valley Graphic Services in Fountain Hill."

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly endorse Joe Z for this position.