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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Potty-Training Men

I admit it. In addition to leaving the toilet seat up, I often completely miss the bowl when I take a whizz. I'm a lousy shot.

In some public urinals, engineers paid gazillions of dollars have come up with the idea of etching a big but realistic fly design on the porcelain. Our hunter instincts take over and we instinctively aim at the imagined fly, reducing misses by 80%.

Part of the finishing touches to the $43 bazillion courthouse renovations include the installation of new, similarly designed, urinals.

They've gone too far.


Anonymous said...

Burne - good post. No one is more familiar with Norco bathrooms than you !

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

When I was 15 a girl I was friendly with had a sweet 16, at the East Stroudsburg VFW.

My buddies and I laughed when we used the mens room. The urinals had targets. They were naked women with their legs spread!


Talk about classy and kinky!

I wonder how many local drunks well I leave that for the imaginations.

Anonymous said...

Well Since You Brought It Up!

Click on my name for a video dedicated to this very issue.

Blah Society said...

Hey, I know that guy!

Is he in the urinal so that he can take revealing photos of politicians?


Anonymous said...

No I know why he gets pissed off. He's getting pissed on.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that they are using pictures of ROn Angle as the target. Dertinger approved them!

Anonymous said...

My doctor says I have a "growing" problem.

Anonymous said...

Re: previous "stringer" post:

Ruh oh.

MC lapdog O'Hare turns on his handlers Glenn Kranzley and Dave Erdman.

Must be trouble in "Blogger Tuesday at The Morning Call" consultancy aquiver paradise :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like Villa is at it again

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, I had to close comments on the stringer post temporarily. He may have the negative energy to post the same spam and over. It is done solely to harrass, annoy and inconvenience. It has no legitimate purpose.