Monday, December 15, 2008

Lehigh Valley Blog Links

On the left sidebar, you'll see numerous blog links to a very healthy local blogosphere. If you would like to see a local blog listed, send me an email ( or give me the url in the comments. I will link to any blog that is local and active. The one exception is Lehigh Valley Democrat, our first local poliblog. That will always occupy first position, even though it is no longer active.

Blogs that encourage hateful activity or criminal behavior against any specific group or individuals, will be excluded.


Chad Hogg said...

I would be honored if you linked my blog, at

It does not have any specific theme, but is written by a Lehigh Valley citizen and thus naturally is sometimes about LV-specific topics.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Thanks for the link. I know you are a regular Bill White reader and can't wait to check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

The Word for Today is HYPOCRISY!!!

I think you should put a link up for Your best Blog Work ever,

The Troll parade!!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I won't link to the Troll Parade, even though it is my own creation, bscause it features trolls and their comments. Most readers have no interest in that. Only those of us who use the blogosphere regularly would visit that site. It's a great way to cast a spotlight on the hate and to counter the propaganda, but of necessity, it has to deal with trolls. So I won't linke to it.

I also won't link to Casey's blog. He instructs readers in a now poofed post on how to get away with commenting anonymously. He also started posting a blog novel in which I am sadistically killed, which resulted in a death threat, thank you very much. I will never link to that guy.

Finally, I won't link to Villa's blog because it revels in hateful behavior, posts home addresses and threatens people to keep their doors bolted 24/7. They impersonate other commenters and bloggers, including a Catholic priest. They will engage in homophobic or sexist remarks when it suits their fancy, yet pretend they are liberals. And they are constantly promoting their CDs with anonymouse and sock puppet remarks that are clearly false.

Anonymous said...

Villa's Blog

Anonymous said...

Villa's Blog

Anonymous said...

O'Hare, you had a sidebar link from your blog to The Villas blog still up here as recently as yesterday and you referred to your link to them in a 12/8/08 post where you used your picture as the lead-in, remember?

O'Hare Links To The Villas To Improve His BNN Ratings

What a phomy you are.

Anonymous said...

B.O., come back from posting that string of frustrated anonymous comments at The Troll Parade Blog

... some anons are hijacking LV Ramblings ...

Anonymous said...

"Troll Parade .. my own creation" -Bernie O'Hare O'Mcall

What am I?! Chopped Liver?! So easily we forget!

I Co-Created The Troll Parade Blog!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Comments 5 - 9 were all posted by Trollvilla. Until yesterday, it's true that I did link to his blog. That link was removed for the reasons I stated, and as his comments (5-9) make abundantly clear.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I've just deleted Team Casey member Volvo. She used to call herself Pissed Off Naked Blogger, and that's who she really is. That Volvo handle is an attempt to delude you.

She amazingly tries to justify the blog novel in which Casey has me murdered. I have a copy of the blog posting in question at the time Casey posted it. I know what it says. I also know that Casey misrepresented to some people that I had told him I liked the story in which I'm killed. That's ridiculous. I woke up one Sunday morning to find myself a murder victim. That's how I learned about it. He at first refused to delete it and never even apologized to me, though he apologized to everyone else.

That blog had way too much detail about my personal residence. That made me more than a little concerned. It also resulted in an actual death threat from someone who claims to know where I live. It was obviously intended as a jab at me, just as Casey's other blog novel was a jab at his former opponent for state rep.

Both of those blogs have been removed from the Internet, which more or less proves my point. I'm not going to link to an asshole like that. Sorry.

Volvo, your personal attacks are not welcome here. I will not further discuss the details of that disgusting blog here.

After that posting, I become a lot more concerned about my specific address being leaked, and Villa has now done it repeatedly and even told me to bolt my door 24/7.

Go talk to him. Go talk to Casey. They should both be ashamed but aren't. That's why there's no link to their blogs.

I have plenty of things to talk about and hate wasting all this negative energy on bullshit from sick people.

Anonymous said...

bullshit from sick blogger