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Friday, December 19, 2008

Stop Bernie O'Hare

As some of you know, Sheena Villa was a passenger in a car being driven by a drunk driver two years ago. Tragically, she was killed. Her father, Bill Villa, is angry at the world in general and me in particular. Over that time, he has spiraled out of control.

Earlier this month, he claimed two other bloggers and I were submitting comments to his blog as Sheena Villa, "writing from hell." That very thought made me ill. I thought it important to make clear that this charge is completely false. I even took the unusual step, for me, of contacting the Villas and asking that they remove that offensive manufactured charge.

They not only refused, but then began posting my home address. When I asked them to stop this invasion of my personal privacy, they did it even more, with Bill Villa adding this ominous warning, "I'd keep your door dead-bolted 24/7."

I attempted to reason with Trollvilla, arguing, "I have both your home address and phone number. I could easily publish it for the world to see, and make sure to publish it when you're in NYC. Of course, I won't do that. But you think nothing of repeatedly posting my home address despite two requests that you remove it."

Now, Villa is publicly proclaiming "O'Hare published a threat about our home address that inadvertently (oopsie) revealed he may be stalking and staking out our residence ..."

This is just another bogus charge by a very sick man, who wants the whole world to join him in "STOPPING BERNIE O'HARE."

That makes me feel so special.

I certainly made no threat, and merely asked that Villa stop posting my home address on his blog, noting I would not do that to him.

Now excuse me while I go buy a dead bolt.


Anonymous said...

Get the popcorn ready!

Anonymous said...

I would like to make a friendly wager that this thread goes well over 200+ comments!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Not gonna' happen.

Anonymous said...

You forgot this link ...

Anonymous said...

I think it's a shame - I've said before many times, I feel terribly for the Villa family for what they've gone through. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a child.

I have also asked that they get help in dealing with things. Their behavior is destructive and it looks to feed on itself. Mr. Villa will respond that he's egg'd on, and sometimes he is (the "tool" guy is an idiot). But getting help will help him deal with it in a less damaging way.

If their charges against DA Martin are correct, I hope they win. I don't know nearly enough to pass judgment on their claims, but if they're right they should prevail.

Mr. Villa, please stop and get the help you need.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Anon 310, aka Villa - please allow anonymous comments on your blog.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

it's invervention time!

Anonymous said...


I thought you filed charges against this guy and had a hearing scheduled before a District Justice?

What happened to that case?

Any DJ with a brain could look at the history of this whole thing and see that the Villas desperately need help.

Considering Villa comes from a well known local family and his parents are still alive, I don't understand why no one close to them has intervened to stop this downward spiral.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, I did file charges, which were approved, and a hearing was scheduled on the 18th. Then Villa claimed that the magistrate is biased and asked for another judge. Judge Capobianco, out of an abundance of caution, has sent the case to the court adminisrtator for reassignment. In the meantime, Villa is trying to get criminal charges approved against me, hoping they wash each other out.

The charges filed are the least serious charges i can possibly file. It is not my intention to hurt the guy. I agree he needs help.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare youve also failed to mention here that you also threatened Villa tghat you would ruin his lawsuit where he's trying to get reimbursdement from the criminal for his daughters medical bills and funeral costs.

why would you want to do that? in your own words:

Bernie O'Hare said... "I threatened to send your own statements to the attorneys involved on both sides of your [Sheena's litigation]. case. Perfectly legal. Entirelyt appropriate. And now I will." -DEC 19, 2008 12:37 PM The Troll Parade

Bernie O'Hare said...

Villa, get help.

Anonymous said...

Here's Villa's address:

123 Obsessed Asshole Street

Enough already.

Anonymous said...

O'hare are you denying that quote at the Troll blog is yours? the one about threatening to ruin the villa family's legal issues? who needs the help here again?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I haven't ruined anything. They're his statements. He is responsible for them.

michael molovinsky said...

banker, everybody feels terrible about villa's loss, but those are egg shells he wants us to walk on; thats why he intermingles his attacks with claims of being a grieving parent. nothing justifies villa's distortions and aggressiveness toward the local bloggers. he took bernie's comment about privacy totally out of context without blinking. i've been victimized by the villa's in similar ways and in regard to the troll blog. they routinely insult the integrity of half a dozen people. they comment anonymously and assume other people's identify, yourself included. simply put, they don't seemed constrained by normal parameters of honesty and decency.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Didn't villa try to have a kid named Hitlers name on a cake? Oh wait it is so hard to keep my psycos straight!

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

And Cue Ball Casey has ripped on many times over filing charges. Baldy seems to support stalkers.

I do thank Casey for linking me on his blog even though I think he like Villa is a jerk.

Anonymous said...

I take your 200+ comments bet and up it to 300+ comments. The over is set at 307. The point spread is you pickem'. The only one that wins is the psychotheraphist.

Lighthouse said...

I've been reading of this Hatfield/McCoy gone blog-o-sphere episode for some time. It's sad. Its kind of like having a bad neighbor, but in cyber-world. Glad it hasn't made you throw up your hands and say this isn't all worth it. I enjoy checking this blog out daily, even though I've not been contributing lately.

Lighthouse said...

Hatfield v. McCoy meets cyber-world. This must be like having a bad neighbor that won't move away. I am glad this hasn't made you throw up your hands and say this isn't worth it. I enjoy checking out this blog daily, even though I have not contributed for a while.

Lighthouse said...

sorry for the duplication. I tried a second time not noticing the "your comment has been saved..." notice until after the repeating my post. I guess delete one of my posts. Too bad you have to resort to this.....the attacks on your site are kind of like the bad apple in class who has to ruin it for everyone.

Anonymous said...

MM, agreed. I've watched this unfold and it's disturbing and a shame. Their actions show how troubled they are.

You, Bernie and others are their targets (please everyone, this is not a threat to anyone, it's a rhetorical statement)and I'm sure I would react in similar fashion if I were in your shoes.

Please Villas, get help.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

I think the most upsetting thing is if they want to be sick - fine. Let them be sick. By when bother others? Why twist other people's word's? And why use other people's identities? Why even use parodies?

How will any of that bring their lives or anyone's back together? A wrong can be corrected. But continually adding to that wrong, just doesn't make any sense.

Do something or move on!

The next best thing is to ignore them. Let them tire themselves out.

Anonymous said...

What a sick bunch of fools, commenting on this blog. Boo Hoo hoo! Villa is a bad man! I am a Saint, I know it!

michael molovinsky said...

another negative consequence of the villa's is that almost all lehigh valley blogs are now moderated because of them. even on their own blog about women's rights, they posted over 200 comments criticizing their enemies, imagine the lack of regard they have for other blogs.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to comment on their sites, but have been similarly muffled. I simply wanted to tell them what very special caliber of assholes they are.

They are paranoid,for sure. But even the paranoid have real enemies. Boo!

I get the feeling, however, that posts like this likely provide a pseudo-sexual satisfaction for them. They crave attention and, at least here, they get it.

And now (with any luck), back to the news?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to respond to every new manufactured charge . . . and have each answer remanufactured as a new charge?

In my case also, there are a litany of manufactured charges. I will not dignify them with a response here.

There is saying, DNFTT, which means Do Not Feed The Troll, which means do not give it life by commenting or responding. Each new post brings more life. That's why this never dies.

I'm sure this comment will be picked apart by some and remanufactured into a new accusation, but I write this for the others as well.

Stop. Do not feed the troll.

If the shoe fits, please see the above.

michael molovinsky said...

dave, your point is well taken. however, there is no easy answer on how to react to the villa's. mrs. dottie comments on her blog;

"He(O'Hare) keeps provoking people like Bill and me, a grieving family, becuse he has nothing better to do with his time."

She once more hides behind the "grieving" while ignoring the fact that her husband went on the offensive in sept. against the "a-quiver" blogger tuesday participants who refused to join his "boycott" against the Morning Call Forum. what does that have to do with grieving? in a preceding comment they ask if i suffer from blind loyalty or stupidity? what does that insult have to do with grieving?
To those who are capable of ignoring their inside-out taunts and dishonesty should consider teaching stress reduction.

Anonymous said...

We are as big as that which annoys us.

Anonymous said...

bernie said about Villa quote "The charges filed are the least serious charges i can possibly file. It is not my intention to hurt the guy. "". What a blessed Christmas we will have this year just knowing Mr. O'hare is sueing a greaving father to try and prove that he, O'Hare, is the virgin Mary in all of this.

Anonymous said...

Bill Villa, for your information the comment about never feeding them after midnight was not posted by Mr. Najarian for I posted that comment. I been reading along and decided to post on the troll parade for the first time as a test to prove to myself if your assertions of anonymous comments being made by certain individuals had any merit. You failed my test.
The Gremlin is not Mr. Najarian so you might see fit to remove that reference. It was just a test, nothing else.

The Gremlin

Sanctifying Grace said...

Anon of 2:39 PM,

Whoever you are, I do not judge you. But I pray for you. For you might be confused. I don't think you understand the true weight of the words you printed.

Being a Catholic student priest and wearing a clerical uniform, I expect to be made fun of and being spit on. It happens to me regularly, so this is nothing new. These blogs are nothing compared to actually wiping spit off of your face from someone that is a total stranger.

This is the cross that I bear in the public. I do it willingly and not begrudgingly. I don't hide behind any guise. So whatever your problems are, please share them with me. I want to help. I want to offer you and myself to rid us of these problems.

But Mary never did anything to hurt anyone. She gave everything she had with all of herself, to people she didn't even know. There are not too many people that can stake that claim.

May God have mercy on all of our souls.

Peace be with all of you during this holiday season. ~~Alex J.

Anonymous said...

Alex, I hope O'Hare sees your post. These blogs are just getting insane, henry

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have deleted a comment, posted anonymously at 3:42 PM, that is very nearly a complete cut and past of a post at my Troll Parade blog. You can link to the blog or refer to it in some other way, but a verbatim copy is redundant.

Thge commentrer's opinion, as I understand it, is that I have no right to criticize another person.

Anonymous said...

henry - i csnt stand alexs religious posts either. i think he should mind his own business.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Fr. Alex's blessing of peace. May his voice of reason prevail and his prayer be answered. Come on guys. It's Christmas.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"We are as big as that which annoys us."

Good argument. Often good advice to follow. Certainly safe. The necessary corollary to that, of course, is "don't get involved."

I have a different view.

I am a poliblogger. I sometimes even find myself in situations where I break stories. Credibility is very important to me, and I already have a few strikes against me. For one thing, I am an opinionated and untrained blogger, not an objective and trained journalist. For another, I lost my license to practice law for dishonest behavior, something regularly noted here.

So when I started this venture, the truth was something that meant more to me than some others. I always try to be honest with readers. I won't post anonymously. If I have my facts wrong, I will publicly acknowledge them. I will not delete a post once it goes up, even if I regret it. It's what i said, and I am responsible for what I write.

So when someone accuses me of posting anonymously as someone's dead daughter, writing from hell, I think it is important to go on record. Similarly, when someone claims a nonexistent threat, I feel an obligation to point out that the charge is absurd.

Aside from all that, I think it is extremely important to stand up to cyber-bullies like Villa. For two years, he perpetuated the myth that the DA had mishandled his daughter's case and that the local paper had covered it up. Those who challenged him in any way were shouted down. Most of us half believed him.

It is only when I researched this matter that I learned that he simply was not telling the truth. The refusal of some bloggers to go along with a ridiculous boycott of The Morning Call has resulted in increasingly vitriolic attacks. People who dare comment find themselves impersonated and tormented. Most bloggers have been forced to enable comment moderation.

All of this has a chilling impact on free speech. Because I believe the real strngth of the blogosphere is its interactivity, I will speak out against trolls like Villa and other people who are more interested in propoganda than the truth.

I have zero tolerance for trolls. I have outed a few of them. And I will continue to do so. Villa wants to "stop" me, but what he really wants is silence so he can continue his vendetta against the DA and local paper.

Sadly, he can't even tell the truth about who he is half the time, posting anonymously and under made up or impersonated names. If he can't be honest about that, how can he expect us to think he is honest about anything else?

People like Villa, if allowed to continue unchecked, undermine the credibility of the entire local blogospher.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:48,

Thank you for defending Fr. Alex, who I've known for years before he went to the seminary. He has always been a friend to me and many others, long before he ever recognized his vocation. He knows how screwed up I am, first hand, but prays for me anyway. Thanks to you and thanks to Father Alex.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare nice words but your actions betray you. You attack and defame people on your blog without facts all the time. It all depends if they are on O'Hares good side or bad.

Angle isn't an anti-Semite even though his words say otherwise. One guys 'pal' defines him yet BO's buddy Morganelli is tight as love with Severson but that is no reflection on him.

Again, interesting blog but not that credible amd very subjectively opinionated!

Anonymous said...

So when I started this venture, the truth was something that meant more to me than some others. I always try to be honest with readers. I won't post anonymously. If I have my facts wrong, I will publicly acknowledge them. I will not delete a post once it goes up, even if I regret it. It's what i said, and I am responsible for what I write.

All true, and no different than in real life. Most of us strive for some honor. So in real life, once a person is shown to be a crackpot, we simply write him or her off, and move on, and that is the end of it. This is no different. Its not about taking the safe route, but it is the safe route.

As Forest Gump said, thats all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Bill Villa refused to publish my comments regarding this blow hard evil monster Ohate, so I will post them here, directly on Satan's Blog.

First of all, Ohate, and I know this for a fact, once made popcorn for his kids and used too much butter. To this day his son doesn't like the taste of buttered popcorn.

Secondly, Ohate would allow his daughter (now in Iraq, still not far enough away from him to feel comfortable) to waltz out of her room draped in a blanket and wearing underwear on her head proclaiming herself as the pope. His lack of religion obviously alienated his children from normal society and forced them to develop pseudo-identities, namely religious in nature.

His son became an altar boy in the 4th grade, continuing on in this schizophrenic nature, purely seeking more attention from a "fatherly" figure. The priests, no matter how flirtatious Ohate Jr. was, ignored his advances...this may be partially due to the amount of hair (both bodily and facially) Ohate Jr. developed at an early age (undoubtedly inherited from Beelzebub Ohate himself). As all of Ohate Jr.s altar boy friends got to stay behind and do extra "chores" for the priests, Ohate Jr. was left to the curb, like a 3 legged dog.

He is actively pursuing a suit against the church for neglecting him at an early age and causing a self-confidence issue.


and just some inside information, that dead lock he bought most likely is installed incorrectly.

OK back to the rectory...

Anonymous said...

shit... that post was supposed to be anonymous.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I obviously failed to extinguish enough cigarettes on your forehead as a tot, but I'll make for that by setting your Christmas tree on fire next week and turning all your crosses upside down.

Anonymous said...

we have crosses?!?!?!?!?!

Sanctifying Grace said...

Does someone have a problem with me? Does someone have a problem with my comments? Does anyone have a problem that I am friends with Bernie? Does anyone have a problem that I want whoever is posting these anonymous emails to seek help?

Then stop trying to provoke me. It's not going to work. You ostrize yourself in the process.

I don't hate or dislike anyone here. I may not agree with you. But, all of us village idiots can't all be wrong. Wake up! Seek professional help.

~~Alex J.

Anonymous said...

Did you call me an ostrich, sir?

Anonymous said...

O'Hare said.."Credibility is very important to me, and I already have a few strikes against me. For one thing, I am an opinionated and untrained blogger, not an objective and trained journalist. For another, I lost my license to practice law for dishonest behavior, something regularly noted here. "" Honestly Mr. Ohare, If this is true why are you fileing lawsuits against Mr Villa for expressing his opinion which you apparently dissagree with? Especially at this time of year when families grieve lost loved ones the most.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Honestly Mr. Ohare, If this is true why are you fileing lawsuits against Mr Villa for expressing his opinion which you apparently dissagree with?"

I'ved filed no lawsuit. Villa currently faces a criminal harassment prosecution, and the prosecuting party is the Commonwealth of Pa., not me.

The charges have nothing to do with a disagreement or difference of opinion.