Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Roche: My Party Does Not Identify Who I AM

A five-year Northampton County resident, Geoffrey Roche, acknowledges having worked for three different Democratic legislators (Kanjorski, Siptroth and Boscola) But he denies he's a partisan. Here's his pitch.

"Prior to moving to Northampton County in the summer of 2004, I was fortunate to serve as Auditor and a member of the Open Space Committee in Ross Township, Pennsylvania. In these roles, I gained an understanding of local government and worked diligently on issues facing the community. In addition, I learned how to conduct legislative research, address constituent issues, and build government and community relationships through my experiences serving as a Legislative Staff member to both State Senator Lisa M. Boscola and State Representative John J. Siptroth. If I should have the honor and privilege to serve as a member of the Northampton County Council, I understand and recognize that I will face challenging issues such as dealing with the Fiscal Year 2009 budget. However, I believe my experiences as well as my passion to help others will aid me in making informed decisions while working closely with all of you.

"I understand that the current make-up of the Northampton County Council is four democrats and four republicans. Although, I am a registered democrat, my party does not identify who I am. What identifies me is my ability to help and serve others, my passion to advocate and speak up for those who are unable to, and my dedication to study issues carefully prior to making an informed decision. If you should put your trust and confidence in me, I will proudly serve the remainder of this term and would agree not to run in the upcoming election. I believe there are significant issues facing our community and I would be proud to work on those matters you during the next year."

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