Monday, November 07, 2011

Who the "Gracedale Guardians" Like For West Easton Boro Council

In the West Easton Borough Council race, Wicked Witch Tricia Mezzacappa has told voters that Borough Council Prez Kelly Gross collects disability while simultaneously volunteering to do office work at the municipal building. The truth? Kelly Gross has never even applied for disability, as confirmed by a letter from the Social Security Administration.

When I confronted Mezzacappa over her false charge, her email response was this. "You really have no clue. I was fed this info by many who got this themselves from her own family."

Sure, they did.

Gross has asked Mezzacappa to apologize for and retract her defamation. Instead, Mezzacappa cackles,
"You are an abusive, retaliatory bitch who has nothing to retaliate for, and can not EVER get a life. So now I must salute you with my middle finger."
On her hate blog, the Wicked Witch has also allowed this anonymous comment, referring to me.
"Keep hammering the fat fuck into the ground. Considering what a sadistic woman basher he is, it's especially delicious reading a woman bashing him back real good. Keep pouring it on til he snaps. w/ a little luck it will explode an aneurysm in his brain or aorta."
This is the person that the "Gracedale Guardians," aka "Coalition of Alzheimer Families," aka "We, the PEOPLE," want you to elect. They're very offended by Ron Angle's outspoken style. They're all about civility, Bible quotes and claim God is on their side. But in their strange little world, a person with obvious emotional problems is just dandy. Death wishes are fine, too, as long as they're directed at me.

This might be fine with them and their God, whom they once again claim is on their side.

I'd be a little more concerned about being on God's side.

The hatred above would never be condoned by any God I know. Then again, I'm no Fake Rev.

Updated 8:45 PM: I enabled DISQUS comments on this blog to prevent the kind of hatred being spewed by the Wicked Witch and her familiars.