Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Following the Money in the McClure, Connolly Race

Pre-election campaign finance reports were due on Friday. Here's how the money looks in the County Council Nazareth-area race between Lamont McClure and Matt Connolly.

McClure raised $10,050 during this reporting period, giving him a total of $23,485. Nearly half of his money - $7,900 - came from unions, including the Asbestos Workers. He also picked up $1,000 from Nazareth's Rodney Applegate. He also accepted a $1,245 in-kind contribution from former Council member Charles Dertinger, for one of his three or more robocalls.

So far, McClure has spent $23,485 for at least two mailers, one of which is a hit piece on his opponent, Matt Connolly.

McClure still has $7,259.50 in the till.

That's about ten times as much as his opponent, Matt Connolly. Starting with nothing, Connolly raised $1,740, and $500 of that money came from auto dealer Andy Daub. Connolly has spent $1,083.60, mostly for campaign signs.

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