Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Little More About Voter Assistance

Yesterday, in What To Watch Out For at the Polls, I told you that you do have the right to seek voter assistance at the polling place. Since that time, the Northampton County Elections Office has sent me additional information to make it a little more clear.

A voter may request assistance if unable to see or mark the ballot or operate the voting machine or enter the voting machine booth without assistance. He or she will fill out a Declaration, and may select the person of his or her choice to help. The Judge of Elections, the person's employer and any union rep, however, is disqualified.

When assistance is provided, the Judge of Elections, on a Record of Assisted Voters, must (1) identify the voter; (2) state the reason for assistance; and (3) identify the person providing that assistance. This Record will be returned to the Elections Office.


Whethervain said...

(2) state the reason for assistance

Boy, that can be a REAL touchy thing to articulate when assisting folks filling out this form. In one case I had, the "assister" stated, "Shhhh...it's because he can't read!" (He couldn't write either).

So then I wondered privately, how does the "assistee" know what he's being told to vote for as the "assister" votes HIS agenda "using" this poor hapless soul's ballot?

I don't have a good feeling about some of these regulations, but whoa be anyone who prevents any individual from voting. Where does cognizance or intellect come into play here? And how do you judge it in such a public setting without causing undue embarrassment to the individual? (rhetorical question)

Anonymous said...

Remember voters
1. Backroom dealings with
2. Backroom dealings with the jail in Upper Mt. Bethel
3. Backroom dealings with the DUI/Prison in West Easton
4. Will forgery
5. The deceit of trying to "help a friend" to build a golfcourse and then dup him in the end
6. Then poor Uncle James, left at Gracedale after his death.

Is this the kind of person you want to represent you. Someone who will not only step on and over friends and family to benefit himself. If he does this to family and friends, do you really think he is going to do the best thing for you.


Bernie O'Hare said...

12:39, I think you err on the side of allowing the vote.

Dave said...

Early observation here in Bangor..spent 3 hrs. at the polling place this am and turn out is minimal. Approx 60 people so far for 2 wards voting at the Community Center/Boro Offices bldg. Parsons voters dominated the conversation outside.

Anonymous said...

Parsons dominated conversation at my polling place, as well; mostly about his terrible campaign and utter inability to grasp basic facts. Some mentioned his classless supporters and their antisocial behavior and lack of self control. Lots of conversation.

Anonymous said...

word on the street and at the polls is the Northmapton County shit zu has been spayed.

Anonymous said...

I want lodge a formal complaint because I couldn't find Charles! on my ballot.

Zorn said...

no speaky the english - no gettie the vote