Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Tinkerbell Likes About Herman Cain

Tinkerbell, one of my readers, in defense of Herman Cain: "I will say this for Herman Cain: At least his victims were women and were adults."


Anonymous said...

It's sheer Racism, all this business with Cain and nothing more.

I say, have you not learned ANYTHING from the Obama Experience these past few years, People?

I certainly have ...

Anonymous said...

I hear Twitcha is also going to hold a press conference claiming Cain sexually harassed both her and the pig. Maybe he was just confused?

Anonymous said...

If the growing list of stories is true, it promotes the sex crazed negroe steroetype. It the stories are false, it promotes the sex crazed negroe stereotype.

I can't get past how a dopey looking guy like this is getting more ass than a public toilet. There's hope for all of us.

He's as unelectable as Bill Clinton at this point.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the Social Justice warriors circling the wagons to defend the righteous Civil Rights of a persecuted Black man undergoing a thorough Character Assasination from all these White commentators in the Main Stream Media?

Oh, that's right --- Cain is a Conservative.

My bad.

Re-elect Obama in 2012!

Anonymous said...

I see the teabagger haters are out in force. Don't worry, you are all Bernie has left. Personal attack away.

Anonymous said...

"He's as unelectable as Bill Clinton at this point"

ah...Clinton would win by a landslide.....

and on topic

If the right would drop the family values mantra and we are "Christian" conservatives long enough to put their junk back in their hypocritic pants this particular incident would be a non-issue

I recall 6 months ago there was collective outrage by the right when 2 consenting adults exchanged sexual images and banter

Weiner? remember.

What is really disturbing is the fact that this story seems to be the final nail in his coffin when in fact there was evidence of the the very least a lapse of moral judgement. And possibly up to and including criminal behavior in regards to the other women who reported his over the line conduct.

The women who had "agreements" or is it called "settlements" with Cain came forward and he did his best to blame them, the media, his opponents, the man on the moon, Obama, WMD's , everyone but himself.

ALL of this coupled with his wearing ignorance of world affairs and mechanisms like a badge of courage (ala Palin) made him not a good choice for POTUS.

We need leaders not readers.

Finally according to Cain there is no problem with race being a factor in the United States any longer. He refused to play the "race card"

Except when in suited his own needs.

It never ceases to amaze me, the fact some people seeking public office have these and other types of criminal records in their history and feel they deserve to represent the people.

Anonymous said...

The only personal attack I see is being leveled here and now just so happens to be against Mr. Cain ...

Face facts, Anon 1:52 - women here, there and everywhere will regularly keep popping up with unsubstantiated allegations against poor ole' Herman until he gets the clear message being sent!

Just bear in mind, Obama thinks there are 57 states and Hawaii is ini Asia but that has never been a problem for the Smartest and Greatest President in the history of the United States, Anon 2:26.

Re-elect Obama in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Navy corpseman.

Need more?

Anonymous said...

Can you say "double-standard"?

Sure, I knew you could.


Anonymous said...

**I recall 6 months ago there was collective outrage by the right when 2 consenting adults exchanged sexual images and banter

Weiner? remember.**

Outrage by the right? Are you on drugs? Weiner got bounced by ALL the voters in that district for a Republican unknown. That hadn't happened for the last half century.

2:26, you are an unthinking bitter person. Get help.

Anonymous said...

The teabaggers are out in force.

Anonymous said...

3:21 Again you prove FOX news watchers are by far the most largly misinformed.

Weiner resigned, there was a special election for his seat between to "NEW" candidates.
The voters didn't get an opportunity to show their support or disdain for his actions
Yes the GOP prevailed.
I will venture a guess, the seat will return to Dem. when people begin to have buyers remorse (see Wisconsin)

So you basically proved my point. it isn't personnel it is the fact you GOP holds the Puritan party mantle high so they are held to that standard.

Let me ask you this since you know all. Who started the
"wear is your birth certificate"
line of questioning?
...quickly no google

Sorry however bitter and especially UNTHINKING best descibes you

Bill Coker said...

2:39 PM As an ex-corpsman, disabled vet, I and a lot of other corpsmen greatly resent that remark. And by the way, we'll all leave our names.

Anonymous said...

We all do Bill?

Anonymous said...

Liberals hate blacks who've achieved without the benefit of a midnight basketball program. They like their blacks nice and needy. They see Cain's brutal character assassination as a necessary sacrifice of one house nigger for the greater cause of the post-racial presidency. Vote Obama. He sends his kids to school with whites. Liberal whites. Relax.

Anonymous said...

fleabggers are not out in force. they're occupying their own urine and feces in the rain tonight wearing $250 north face ski jackets and railing against materialism and the 1% who made them buy $175 timberline boots made by eight year olds in china. anal pores.

Anonymous said...

I just think it is funny that all these woman who are accusing Herman Cain are white. All of the old stereotypes about black men being womanizers and attracted to white woman seems to remain intact in this case. I would have had more respect for Herman is only one of the accusers was a big fat black woman.

Anonymous said...

yes. and remember, smoking marijuana leads white women into the arms of negros and jazz musicians. reefer madness is not just a catchphrase.

Anonymous said...

Largly? Really, it who utters "Fox News" AGAIN?

Most likely, you spend a lot of time on Fox, making yourself crazy and drooling over the bleach blondes you flip the bird with one hand while you pound off with the other.

Whatever news program you are watching, better for you to flip over to Sesame Street, where Grover will teach you about the silent "e".

From my little corner of the right: If this is true, Cain is not to be trusted, is severely lacking in judgement, is unfit to lead and should withdraw. If it is true, the right will leave Cain in the dust. IF it is true.

Remember, the man who delivered Nixon's resignation was the second most powerful Republican in the nation at the time, Howard Baker.

Contrast that against your kind, who could not have cared less if Clinton gunked up the blue dress while considering sending troops into harm's way. You all championed Drunken Teddy the co-ed killer, or Barney "I didn't know my boyfriend was running a gay prostitution operation out of my home" Frank, because those losers promised to give you shit.

Therein lies the difference between right and left. The right has a standard which may or may not be eschewed by a few opportunists in the name of expediency. The left, no standard at all. Basically a "you can bang my mom if you'll give me something" philosophy.

Pathetic, but as the population of ignorant underachievers grows it will, ironically and unfortunately, prove the better political strategy.


Anonymous said...

The horny hick, Bill Clinton, did not inhale, but did impale. I gave up cigars after that. Filthy habit, even when done using protection. Clinton wasn't all bad. The cankle fetish still escapes me, though.

Anonymous said...

Cain criticism is fair. Obama deserves a pass because this is his first real job. It was good to see him play more golf at a swanky private club this weekend while his occupy douche bags were smoking crack and raping each other to smite the 1% who forced them to be lazy and stupid. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Our blacks?
Your blacks?
Why didn't you tell me this sooner.
I just climbed the ladder this weekend and cleaned my gutters.
I am deathly afraid of heights.
If I would have known I would have had one of "my" blacks do it.
What a POS.

And not including the "e" in largely does NOT erase my FACTS.
Tell your father I said hello.

Anonymous said...

Blue Dress?

I understand that Spermin' Herman, playin' another round of hide the pepperoni, got evidence in the form of pizza sauce and flour all over one of his accusers
"Blue Dress".

Blame the media for doing their jobs?
That is one of those pesky points that is protected in the document you TEAfolk love to bring up.
It is not an f'n Chinese menu, that we pick and choose our favorites and ignore the remainder.
And I see no one will offer the original source of the birth certificate thing. What political scholars you all are.

Anonymous said...

Q. What is hard and long on TEAfolk

A. 2nd grade

The answer is Hillary Clinton during the debate process of 2008.
You see tigers eat their young.
The source of Cains problems are Cain. And more than likely it has been leaked by a fellow GOP.


Anonymous said...

"The right has a standard which may or may not be eschewed by a few opportunists in the name of expediency."

You forgot the footnote crediting your source.

F- for you.

Anonymous said...

I find the teabaggers entertaining as hell.

Bill Coker said...


Yes, the real ones will.

Anonymous said...

Bill, no one gives a shit.

Anonymous said...

My God, how much ignorance can be shown by those who comment at a blog whose author is offers intelligent and timely news analysis.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wow! A compliment! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Racism. Bwaahahahaa. Yeah, no other politician has EVER been skewered with his own past. ROTFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Resent Obama and HIS "corpseman" remark all you like, Mr. Coker.

If Obama can't read a teleprompter, that would not be my problem but I appreciate your service whatever the case may be.

Please feel free to Re-elect Obama in 2012!


Anonymous said...

The new Gallup poll is out and, oh my, is it interesting ...



I am sincerely confused --- The Main Stream Media told me that Obama was the smartest and greatest President in the history of the United States?

Bill Coker said...

3:00 PM
To be honest I missed the mispelling and failed to make the connection. I apoligize but am still proud of my, and my many buddies, service.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Wow, I find the "at least they were woman" rather offensive.

I guess clearly, some conservatives are unashamed of their prejudice toward gays. Cause, you know--Jesus dug hate.