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Friday, November 18, 2011

Help Clean Monocacy Creek

From the Monocacy Creek Watershed Association:

The Monocacy Creek Needs Your Help!

Due to the massive flooding the Monocacy Creek is full of junk and our fish have no where to go!
Come and help our fish by "fishing junk" out of our creek!

Time and Place: Archibald Johnston Conservation Area- Northampton County Land. Saturday November 19, 2011 and Sunday November 20, 2011. 10-2pm

Directions: Park at Housenick Park- Rte 191 Turn on Christian Springs, Left at first driveway on left. Park in lot. Follow road on the right down by the pinestand. We will meet on the lower level County land

Problem: The Creek is in rough shape - it has at least 8 major blockages and has overflown its banks. The county cannot access the property with machinery because it is under water. Erosion is causing tree roots to become unearthed and healthy trees are continuing to fall into the creek resulting in further blockages and destruction of habitat.

Plan: We will do a quick walk of the site to assess the damage and discuss ecological impacts. We will then focus on getting flow restored primarily by fishing out bottles, cans, tires, branches, pallets, propane tanks and other debris. We will then be hauling the debris to recycle.

Safety First: We will not be using power tools for this event, and will be focusing on debris pick-up. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No children will be permitted in the creek All participants will be required to wear a life vest while working near the creek. (we have 12). All participants or their parents will be required to sign a release

Fun and Educational: This will be an exercise in simple machines and physics. We are going to be dragging out logs using pulley systems, block and tackle and come-alongs and may even use a bucket brigade or suspended litter! Fishermen and nature buffs will be helping out and can answer your questions about the creek and wildlife!

Food- For all those who stay the day we will have PIZZA! Yea!

Best idea
Best tool
Most trash bags filled!

Things to bring: Boots and waterproof clothing and gloves are a must- we will have some extra rubber gloves, but garden gloves work also extension poles, nets, rakes, garbage bags

Weather: looks clear and 40 at 10am going up to 50 by 12pm with even better weather Sunday in the 60's!


Anonymous said...

This is a great cause and people should be lining up to help. I mean you all line the banks when the fish are FREE and stocked, now get off your ars and help restore this creek to the condition before the storm, I will be there in Yellow, so if you have a problem with me calling you bums out, you can come over and talk to me in person

Likes the Monocacy

c said...

Thanks for posting this Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You're welcome. Thanks to the people who are doing this. I will be there one of the days.

Anonymous said...

This is a job which should be bid to union labor or at least prevailing wage.

Anonymous said...

12:30 >>>>Your an idiot

What day you going Bernie, I'll be there Sunday.

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

It depends on my grandson's athletic schedule. It is likely Sunday.

Yes I am A Pirate said...

For whoever is in charge of this.
There is a local club called
Pirates in Paradise, they are a Jimmy Buffett fan club. The motto of the club which is nationwide is
"Party with a Purpose"
They do things in the community year round. Next up, they will be servers at the Bethlehem treelighting event next Friday
They have a Monocacy Creek cleanup yearly. IN THE SUMMER. Prehaps you can organize this event with them in the future. I know they clean in the Historic area of Bethlehem to points south. However as you know the creek is in bad shape top to bottom. It might be interesting to organize a total cleanup once a year. Get some other organizations involved, and caring individuals.
If you want I can provide the contact info. Let me know in here.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You're a pirate and I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK.

Anonymous said...

Log jams are actually GREAT habitat for trout and other aquatic organisms... These experts are flat out wrong. but by all means pick up the trash.

Anonymous said...

You do wear women's clothes!

Bernie O'Hare said...

True. I'll be hunting for otters.

Anonymous said...

Bernie I have a suggestion for the best tool catagory...
It will also save you a cold foot.

Get a short deep sea rod with some
heavy line and sinkers at the end.
Put a triple hook (large) and cast from the shore at the garbage. Reel it in, reel in the prizes.

Ernie Hemmingway said...

I meant to sign that suggestion as

The Complete Angler

Anonymous said...

Bernie guess who love you?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mayor Pawlowski, Charles Dertinger, Lamont McClure, Ann McHale, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, etc., etc.

Lighthouse said...

Any community should be thankful for such volunteers.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare will find a way to fuc up the event.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon 2:12 the real problem is all the building that creates impervious surfaces of which causes an unbelievable amount of runoff. If people really want to solve the problem, they would look into protecting the streams and rivers with buffer zones to protect the streams more. There was a law enacted that put a 100 foot buffer in place but now is in jeopardy of repeal all because of developer greed!

Anonymous said...

You liberal jerks should leave the plastic bottles in the creek the way God wants them to be there. communist Democrat pinko's.