Sunday, November 06, 2011

Grammes' Family Supports McCarthy For Judge

Former Lehigh County Comm'r Marc Grammes, and his family, will be voting for Dan McCarthy for judge on Tuesday. Here's why.

Dear friends,

If you drive by our house, you will see a Dan McCarthy for Judge sign. Please allow me tell you a little bit about Dan and why our family is supporting him. Dan is a FAIR and HONEST man of HIGH INTEGRITY who is the ONLY candidate rated WELL QUALIFIED by the Bar Association of Lehigh County to serve as Judge, people who know Dan AND his opponent. As a veteran and a father of a decorated combat hospital corpsman in the war in Afghanistan, I support Dan in his efforts to establish a Veterans' court to deal with the special situations that our veterans face. Dan has built a sterling reputation as an accomplished attorney and an involved citizen and community volunteer. His deep understanding of the law has helped countless families, small businesses and community causes. HE SHARES OUR VALUES! In addition to being a practicing lawyer, Dan is now in his 10th year serving the people of Lehigh County as a County Commissioner. We spent countless hours together trying to find ways to create a better Lehigh County. He was selected to oversee our Board as Vice Chairman. In a climate of political partisanship, Dan's mature judgment was and is a breath of fresh air. He has over 35 years as a successful local attorney building his reputation for fairness RIGHT HERE in Lehigh County..NOT Harrisburg. Please join my family and I next Tuesday in our support of Dan and vote for DAN McCARTHY for Lehigh County Judge of Common Pleas.

Marc, Liz, Tim, John, Joe, and Laura Grammes


Zorn said...

Reichley has lost all of his integrity as he has sold his soul for a bigger pension. most of his career has been on the public dole and now he wants more AFTER he lied to us about staying as a state rep. McCarthy has more integrity is his little finger than reichley has in his entire body and soul.

VOTE McCARTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

McCarthy's nasty campaign is not what one would expect from a candidate for judge. It shows poor temperament.

Zorn said...

`and you think reichley's campaign has been squeaky clean. wake up lever puller

Anonymous said...

Sorry - McCarthy's began running attack ads very early and Reichley had to respond.

Plus McCarthy gave Lehigh County taxpayers an unnecessary 16% tax hike.

He should have the decency to slither away quietly.

Anonymous said...

Dan voted for the 16 percent tax increase and said that the county would release prisoners if the increase was not passed!

He is a real conservative Marc...... just like you!

Marc Grammes said...

Anon 8:14 How about putting your name next to your comment? On second thought..why bother.

Anonymous said...

Going to be a cold winter, check out those cheeks.

Dean said...

Reichley says McCarthy is too old, I say Reichley is too corrupted after his years of service in Harrisburg

Anonymous said...

Will the Dems sweep ...McCarthy, Koren, Rossi and the 4 county commissioners ? Or will it be the Rep. team ....Reichley, Martin, Roman & the three Res running as a team against Ott and the Ds?

What about Julian Stolz for East Penn School Board? If it's Reichley, does that mean Slotz goes to Harrisburg?
Give me a day or two to think about it and I will let you know. For sure, by Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Any member of the country's worst legislature should be rejected. He'll, they should be arrested. Reichly's a career crook.freeman's stolen his salary by playing dead his entire worthless career. Gruel took yet another pension and ran after showing his true colors by exposing his miserable contempt for non-government types on this blog. Boscola is a ridiculous mess who pretended to do rehab on our dime and still has a job on the public tit. Brennan is the latest guided missile from Harrisburg's finest. And these are just the crud from our immediate area.

Any drunken and/or lazy and/or no show contemptuous member of the legislature should be indicted; not elected to anything.

Both of these creeps guarantee that voters and future users of the legal system have already lost.