Thursday, November 10, 2011

Allen Township Voters Say No to Open Space Tax Hike

On Tuesday, Allen Township voters shot down a referendum asking them to support a 0.25% EIT increase for open space funding. The final vote was 335 to 258.

This makes sense. Most of us do not want to see taxes go up when the economy is still teetering.

But at least this was an honest question. In the Gracedale referendum, voters were never told that keeping the nursing home would result in tax hikes.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that a group of voters finally voted down a referendum! Referendums are usually slam dunks. Everything always sounds like such a GOOD idea. That's why California is always on the verge of bankruptcy they put everything up to referendum and then can't pay for it. Congratulations to the voters in Allen for thinking before voting!

Zorn said...

every issue relates to gracedale as far as bo is concerned. a bitter and shallow soul.

Tea Party John said...

Where was their concern for open spaces when we asked them to help us stop the apartments?

Where was the town’s concern for farmland when we were begging them to stop the county from plowing over the cornfields for Grube Park? Down came the cornfields and up went a government parking lot and a public toilet.

Where was there concern for open spaces when they decided that Catasaqua could build it’s high school in Allen Township?

And now that we have no land left, we have to build our new school in East Allen.

The board zoned all of the township’s development into one tiny little corner. And now that they’ve tripled their tax base, they want to use OUR tax dollars so they can cocoon themselves in farmland up north?

I collected everyone’s email address from those apartment meetings. I can contact hundreds and hundreds of Allen township residents with the click of a button. And I did.

Democrats did extremely well in the Tuesday election. Everyone except Alfred Pierce, that is.

And strangely, Alfred was the one who told us our concerns were “unreasonable and stupid”. Strange coincidence, eh?