Monday, November 07, 2011

Buddy Christ Makes His Picks

Got Christ? Who's your Buddy? Who's the Lord who Scored, the Favorite Son with a cute little bun? That's right, bippy, it's Me. I'm back, and no more Mr. Nice Guy!

I've just turned O'Hare into a pot-bellied pig, which was amazingly easy, and zapped him over to the Wicked Witch of West Easton. You won't be hearing from him for awhile, although I let him keep his flip cam. With that moron out of the way, let's get down to biz. I've got lepers to heal and shit like that, so let's get this done.

Northampton County Council, Easton - Give Me a frickin' break? Is there anyone out there who thinks Bob Werner has a prayer against a real, honest-to goodness Reverend like Mike Dowd? And Dowd looks the part, too. He's bald and everything. Dowd's got the Inside track, if you know what I mean.

Northampton County Council, Bethlehem - Who gives a shit what ET Editor Joe Owens thinks? Any dude who pops a Slim Jim right before a 5k is obviously not in his right mind. Ken Kraft, no relation to the cheese company, will win big. He's a Democrat, and that's pretty much all that matters in Bethlehem. He's also a union agent, so he gets more money than a fake preacher on Sunday. Seth Vaughn is gone. Who the Hell names their kid Seth anyway? Could have been worse. Could have been Bernard.

Northampton County Council, Nazareth - Where the hell is Matt Connolly? He's a no-show at the tea party debate, where he might have a few friends. He's raised no money, and in the middle of a campaign, let business properties go up to tax sale. This was Connolly's race to lose, and he did. Better the Devil you know, Lamont McClure, who is missing in action so much that he can't do too much harm. But better to be missing on Council than missing in a campaign.

Northampton County Council, the Hinterlands. - It's different up there. TV reception is bad, so it's either politics or inbreeding. But I love them. Unlike most communities, people in the Slate Belt take the time to find out what is going on. Until Ron Angle was on Council, the Slate Belt was the forgotten District. In 12 years, Angle has turned that around. His opponent, a nice guy, pretty much admits Angle is the better man for the job. Angle will win.

Northampton County Controller. - Barron von Footinmouth will remain in the Controller's seat, but will also  be a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Tie him down before he floats away.

Easton Mayor. - Do you even have to ask? Sal is basically running unopposed.

Bethlehem City Council. - The Ds will sweep, thanks to some last-minute smears. I'll deal with Recchiuti in another time, another place.

Allentown City Council. - The Ds should sweep here, too, but Frank Concannon is 91 years old. I'm not sure he'll even last beyond Tuesday. So I expect to see Eric Weiss, who's been knocking on doors, pull an upset.

Allentown Controller. - Although Mary Ann Kowall is a purchasing agent for Allentown and is just an extension of Mayor Pawlowski, she'll win because she's a Democrat and Lou Hershman is not. Lou would be much more independent, but lacks the resources Kowal has to mount a campaign.

Lehigh County Comm'r. - You're gonna' get what you asked for. In the May primary, Lehigh County voters dumped Dean Browning, the most knowledgeable person in local government. In two years, you'll be begging for forgiveness. Scrappleface is coming, along with the wife of a party boss. Vic Mazziotti and Brad Osborne are both level-headed, and will be fine. It's the other two who are going to cause chaos in Lehigh County. If Scrappleface can manage to bankrupt his own party as Executive Director, whatever the Hell that is, imagine the damage he can do with some real money. You asked for it, and are about to get it.

Lehigh County Controller. - Glenn Eckhart has no prayer. I know, because I get them all the time. It's Slonaker.

Lehigh County DA. - Jim Martin in a landslide against an idiot who left the state police under suspicious circumstances and has never tried a case.

Lehigh County Judge. - Reichley will win this. Big. Ironically, it's pretty much because Jim Martin, whom he hates, will bring out a heavy Republican turnout.

Now I gotta' get back to the Sands. I'm on a run.


Anonymous said...

Can't argue with your picks. That's pretty much how it will turn out.

Do question how Mazziotti who sounds as crazy as the other bagger nuts is somehow more sane.

The guy is as screwy as they come based on his claims and knows nothing of how Lehigh County functions.

Anonymous said...

Bernie mentions that in allentown city controllers race watchdog lou hershman did not have the resources as his opponent to mount a campaign. this past friday , i read a hershman ad, turned on the radio while reading the newspaper heard a hershman ad on w.a.e.b, then friday afternoon went to mailbox, another ad for hershman. in reading the mailer, receivwd a phone call to vote for hershman. quite a day for hershman for getting out his message in his campaign as to wh the allentown city voters need to return watchdog lou hershman as their city controller. could be a wrong on this. have to add saw hershman at a neighborhood meeting at getting out his message why we need him. allentown needs hershman back as city controller. n

Anonymous said...

This candidate thanks Joe Zeller for his endorsement

Dennis Pearson deserves Lehigh County's vote

I've had the pleasure of working with Dennis Pearson, candidate for Lehigh County commissioner, for many years at the office of the Bethlehem Steel Archives. His capacity at the archives is to record the oral history and photograph as many of the former Steel employees as possible. Dennis interviewed me, not as a former employee, but rather as part of an outside electrical contractor's crew that spent years throughout that massive workplace.

Based on my past observation of Dennis, this year I called upon him to join our 104-year-old Allentown Flag Day Association and he immediately volunteered to hold office. New to the group, Dennis welcomed the opportunity to coordinate the annual essay contest in the Allentown middle schools and his efforts brought forth more essays than our group has had in many years.

Dennis has a long history of community involvement; he is a sincere man of action. He deserves our vote for Lehigh County commissioner on Tuesday.
Joseph R. Zeller
Lowhill Township
The writer is former mayor of Emmaus and a retired state legislator.

Please Note --- I have a Lifetime of Preparation Ready to Serve ... I am a candidate who has no axe to grind ... I paid for my own campaign and should I be elected Tuesday I would be very thankful to the Democrat, Republican and Independent voters who voted for me.

Compared to the Republican Dream Team I am the better candidate ... Voters of Lehigh County help me pull an upset if the analysis of the above article is correct ...

A lifetime resident of Allentown and Lehigh County, the time is now to elect Dennis Pearson Lehigh County Commissioner ...

May God bless you for doin your civic duty Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, the Nazarean, does not have his finger on the pulse of Lehigh County.

McCarthy will win for Judge. Jim Martin is not a vote getter. He will not drag out a huge Republican vote. Dems across the nation will vote in big numbers because of the crazzies in the national spotlight. McCarthy will win because the bar wants him.

Martin goes down to defeat. His personal appearance and TV ads will kill him. He is a man in his late 60's who looks to be in his
80's. The D.A. must appear strong and vigorous.

Koren is not an idiot. He is smart, sophisticated and tough. He headed up the Crime Lab for the PA State Police. He ran the Fogelsville barracks for years. He knows how to invstigate crime. The D.A. is an administrator, not a trial lawyer. Koren will hire the best trial lawyers for the job.

Martin let Michael Ballard out of jail because he is a sloppy administrator. He "forgot" to oppose Ballard's parole. Yeah. Sure.

Martin had one of the biggest serial killers in Lehigh Valley history in his sites and he forgot to interview him. Go to N.J. and kill somemore was the subliminal message he sent to Cullen by closing the Cullen investigation. Professional investigators do not telegraph to suspects that they are off the hook. Martin is an amateur. Koren's experience as a LT with the Pa State Police cannot be beat. Martin is a politico, not a crime fighter.

The demographic profile of Lehigh County has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The Ds will sweep the County Commissioners race!

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Allentown resident and a Marine, Bob Toth also has a chance if Rs come out to vote. If Eric Weiss wins, he'll have a last laugh as some say Allentown's current administration let him go after a dedicated public service career.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bob Toth. Not only as someone said he's a Marine, he's also a third-generation Allentonian, whose parents both spent their work carerrs serving the city. That sure shows some character.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

With regard to the Bethlehem City Council race, voter registration is voter registration. However, I am compelled to point out a few things. One as the City has run over $18 million in deficits in just the last 3 years, it was Donchez serving a President of Counsel. As Callahan moved money around illegally, borrowed money illegally and the bond rating was dropped not because of the national economy but because of fiscal mismanagement, Reynolds and Donchez sat and did nothing. Reynolds got away with one no vote and his lies about it don't change the fact that he has no idea what he is doing.

It is interesting that after 16 years on council for one and 4 for the other now that candidate Tom Carroll called for zero based budgets that Donchez announces he supports a zero based budget. It was candidate Simao who proposed consolidating departments which now shows up as a proposal on Democrat mailers.

Reynolds supported all the fee increases now saying that people can decide not to pay fees so they aren't a tax.

Rechutti proposes to solve the fiscal disaster created by his party that has complete control of every aspect of the local government that the city hire lawyers to go after those late paying their taxes.

The Republicans proposed cutting wasteful spending before they even announced running calling for an end to personal cars for the mayor and department heads and asking for pay cuts for the over $90,000 per year department head jobs.

Rechutti receives a large sum of money after he lost a campaign from the mayor and then is appointed to the parking authority, but he will be independent. He spoke at the first debate and said the city was in good shape and he is proud to be on the Callahan team but then puts out mailers about how he will bring fiscal discipline back to the city.

Reynolds talks about fiscal discipline but proposed no cuts in the budget last year. He claims he voted for 157 police officers but now we have only 150 and he lies about that.

Interesting that Donchez and Reynolds sat and said nothing about the mayor’s proposal to put the 19 private haulers out of business but only when they were running now say they are against the mayor doing that. This is the position the Republican candidates took in March. The Democrats said nothing and btw, their loyal supporters want a contract hauler so they will say whatever they think will get them elected.

Let's watch carefully the next few meeting of city council; it's going to be very difficult for Donchez and Reynolds to keep their campaign promises with the city out of money again.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem has just the right collection of covetous union retards, Generation P (parasite), and strung out Flea Party bilge. That's how you get a town run by crooks who must borrow money to meet payroll and basic obligations. Bethlehem richly deserves to pay and pay for its one party disaster.

Anonymous said...

Interesting rant 9:31,

You must be a Republican since you have no idea what you are talking about and are obviously a Fox news adherent..No better city to live in in the Lehigh Valley than Bethlehem... None close..Thank You Dems!!!

Anonymous said...

The differences between Bethlum and Allentown and Easton are blurring each day. Bethlum ain't what it used to be.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem is a beautiful place to live, the people make it so. The government of the City is a different story. They can’t borrow fast enough, they can’t make payrolls, they borrow to pay basic bills, the illegally transfer money. Donchez has sat quietly for 16 years and now will leave his seat in 2 years to run for mayor. Willy R. is an arrogant person who also wants nothing but to be a career politician and Mikey R. clearly has ties to the thug Callahan wing of the Democrat party which will make him Rubberstamp # 2. There is a choice and voter registration does not have to decide the outcome. Things can be different. Carroll, Simao and Bernotas offer life experience and intellect far superior to the D's (a former teacher/legislative aid wants to be mayor; a substitute teacher/former legislative aid wants to be mayor; and an unemployed lawyer who didn't get dirt dug up on him to have to answer the questions of why that is so).

Dave said...

Recount? The Angle/Parsons race will be a nail biter. I predict less than 100 votes either way will win it. Parsons by a nose..

Anonymous said...

Parsons 58-61%

Anonymous said...

Anon: 2:11 AM

You attack people by name, but do not have the guts to sign your name.

Why? Because you are a liar and a coward!

Prove me wrong. State your name!

Coward!! Go back under your rock!

Vic Mazziotti

Anonymous said...

Bernie, tell us wich one is worse?
The wicked witch of West Easton
or Ron Angle with all his wrong doing?

And this one is for you do we vote for: BOXER'S OR BRIEFS

Anonymous said...


Dowd with 62%
Kraft with 54%
Connolly with 51%
Angle with 71%
Barron with 55%
Panto with 60%
Bethlehem Council Ds with avg. 55%

Allentown Council Ds with avg. 118%
Kowall with 116%
LC Cmr Rs with avg. 60%
Eckhart with 53%
Reichly with 55%

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Vic is having one of his tantrums he is known for.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Vic forgot his meds... Again...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:55 Hahahaha...... love it!

Anonymous said...

Remember Lehigh County...

Vic was the guy whispering in Stoffa's ear to sell baby sell (Gracedale)!

If he wins he will begin that talk about Cedarbrook...

Zorn said...

bethlum was a beautiful place to live until the scum, corrupt callahan clan and the even worse donchez/reynols controlled dem council screwed it up. hang you heads in shame both pols and stupid citizen lever pulling fools

Anonymous said...

Zorn, if you honestly believe that Donchez and Reynolds are so bad, why not try to work to convince people to not vote for them rather then just state that they will win?

Anonymous said...

Zorn is a realist

Anonymous said...

Zorn is a realist

Zorn said...

i have in the past. it only falls on deaf ears and blind fools. most people just don't care except for themselves - thus they are easily lead astray by pols BS.

Anonymous said...

Zorn, you may have tried in the past, I have no reason to doubt your words, but in spite of the ugliness of this election from the Democrats and their failure to run on the issues that if people like you actually spoke to your friends and neighbors instead of just complaining on a blog, the result would be different.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jordon told me its' boxers. Maybe the raucious laughter caused someone to misdial the phone.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to wager the 71% Angle number.
dub? C-note?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I suspect Ron will win. He took the race seriously and worked hard. His opponent ran a lackluster campaign. Angle's detractors actually hurt themselves with their bizarre behavior. I don't expect him to win big, but I believe he will win. It is now up to the voters, the real "We, the People."

Anonymous said...

If everyone Angle swindled in his lifetime voted he would lose.

Anonymous said...

Demos win. Demos win. Demos win.

The Republic is saved from the crazies.

Anonymous said...

Been out at different locations all morning. I don't think Ron is being well received.
Don't blame me I voted for him three times today.