Monday, November 07, 2011

Some Things Are Worth Dying For

About 100 people stayed away from the usual Sunday football games on November 6 to salute our veterans in a ceremony at Ebeneezer Bible Fellowship Church, that included a color guard, bagpipes and of course, speeches.

Jack Leh, a corporal in the 82d Airborne during WWII, claimed his experience was worth a million dollars. "But you couldn't pay me a million to do it again," he said. Another WWII vet, who are dying at the rate of 1,000 per day, spoke of a group that he and other vets formed to educate students. But it was Judge Edward G. Smith, a Navy Captain who served in Iraq, who summed up everyone's message the best. "Some things are just worth dying for," he said.

In addition to these speeches, there were musical interludes by Bethlehem's MORA club and a rendition of WWII-era songs.

Bagpipers Kimberlee and Travis Leidich closed out the ceremony with "Amazing Grace."


Anonymous said...

Some time ago a veteran suggested we say thank you on a regular basis to those who served. Thank you Bernie
for this reminder.

Anonymous said...

Really surprised you're not writing about Penn State this morning. What a horrific news story.

Anonymous said...

Judge Smith is a class act!

Vic Mazziotti

Anonymous said...

As one who has not served, I am humbled and grateful.

Zorn said...

you should be humbled and ashamed - you had the chance to volunteer and you did not. those who served should always be honored for what they have done. those who did not should be grateful for their freedom but should not take it for granted. most put themselves ahead of their country.

Anonymous said...

"you should be humbled and ashamed - you had the chance to volunteer and you did not"

you have anger issues. why should anyone who hasn't served be ashamed?

I'm proud of my service, but generally do not hold anything against those who didn't.

Zorn said...

no anger issues - just telling the truth - something you obviously didn't learn during your "service"