Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Following the Money in the Kraft, Vaughn Race

Pre-election campaign finance reports were due on Friday. Here's how the money looks in the County Council Bethlehem-area race between Ken Kraft and Seth Vaughn.

Second only to Angle in the money-raising department, Ken Kraft pulled in $18,400 this reporting period, giving him $29,699.78. Most of this money comes from private sector unions, with $10,000 coming from IUPAT alone. Kraft is a business agent at that union.

So far, Kraft has spent $20,734.75, leaving with $8,365.03, enough for one more mailer.

That's a lot more than the $194.33 in Vaughn's till. During a County Council debate last week, Vaughn twice stated that he refuses to accept any money from "special interests." Since just about everyone is a special interest, that leaves just himself as a donor.

It appears that the $4,400 raised this reporting period comes right out of Seth's wallet, which gave him a $5,401.09 total.

He spent most of it, too, which is why he is down to $194.33.

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Tells you all you need to know.