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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Following the Money in the Dowd, Werner Race

Pre-election campaign finance reports were due on Friday. Here's how the money looks in the County Council Easton area race between Mike Dowd and Bob Werner.

Dowd raised $1,500 this reporting period, giving him a grand total of $1,917.83. Abe Atiyeh, who gave him $1,000, was his largest contributor. Dowd spent just $901.70 for what appear to be yard signs. He still has $1,106.13 in his till.

Challenger Bob Werner outpaced Dowd in the money race. He raised $3,385 over this election cycle, giving him $5.186.74. He spent $2,263.80 for yard signs, and is left with $2,922.94.

I may have missed it, but caught no unusually large donations to Werner. He seems to be spending his own money.

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