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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Democratic Convention: Pa. Delegation 25 Miles Outside of Denver

Pennsylvania Democrats may have voted for Hillary, but is that any reason to house Keystone delegates twenty-five miles outside of Denver? I understand each Pa. delegate has been given a week's supply of trail mix and mountain bikes to make it to the convention floor. I have yet to hear from my friends at Keystone Politics, the official Pa. blog.


Anonymous said...

this thread is such great fun!
when i read it i was immediately reminded of what republicans say when referring to the supreme court: "there are consequences to elections".

this is a much-needed note of humor.

Anonymous said...

It is 10.19 miles from the Denver Marriott Tech Hotel to the Pepsi Center and its one of the closest hotels to the Pepsi Center, which is 10 miles out of downtown Denver. BOH has lied again. Tsk! Tsk! Credibility means a lot as a blogger which is what BOH ain't got.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, a delegate called a mutual friend to say he was housed 25 miles away. That inspired this slightly irreverent post. Unfortunately, I forgot that many Dems have absolutely no sense of humor.

The Anon is probably googling my moutain bike claim right now.

Dude, lighten up. Have a cup of celestial seasonings tea on me.

Anonymous said...

Bernie --

You've done gone and knocked Anon. 6:59's aura out of whack.

Oh, well. I'm sure they'll put on some Yanni and mellow out.

Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Hare,

I have no intention of voting for Ms. Bennett, but do I see the cattiness of Anon 9:36's personal attack on Ms. Bennett as inappropriate and OT. Should this thread become a free-for-all on individuals just because it is funny? This is your blog to do with what you feel is right, but I hope you will consider removing that comment.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I have deleted the OT anonymous personal attack vs. Sam Bennett, which was not that funny. I missed it at breakfast and thank you for noting it. I have a very low tolerance for personal attacks against Sam Bennett. That is a promise I made to her myself when I spoke with her. I will criticize her campaign, her record and her views, but that's it.

Greg Palmer said...

Hi Bernie -
We are pretty far out, but it's only about a 15 minute drive to downtown Denver. I haven't done it with convention or commuting traffic yet, so who knows how long it will take today.

For what it's worth, Denver has a great light rail system that says it can get me there in 35 minutes... if only I can figure out the route map!

But yeah, I reallllly wish we were staying downtown.

--Greg from Keystone Politics

Anonymous said...


Start walking if you can't decipher the transit map. You'll feel good about it and it complements the eco-friendly sporks and meals they are serving and the eco-friendly fanny packs. Everyone has to chip in!

I've been to Denver and the airport is also about 25 miles from town but that can't be right because surely no Democrats would do something as eco-unfriendly as flying. The airport is east of the city so maybe our PA delegates did the right thing and biked out and stopped when they got close. Wait, they should camp, using biodegradable tents instead of staying in a hotel takes up space where trees and rabbits used to be and that is run by a big mean company who aims to make a profit. Like I said above, everyone has to chip in so get used to it before BHO makes it mandatory, comrades!