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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bennett Complains About Dent's "Energy Update" Mailer

Earlier today, I told you about LV Congressman Charlie Dent's "energy update," which was mailed to us at our expense. Although completely legal, should an incumbent Congressman use taxpayer funds in the midst of a reelection battle on something that may inform, but also increases name recognition?

Challenger Sam Bennett says NO, and has just issued a press release condemning this tactic.

ALLENTOWN – Over the weekend, residents of the 15th Congressional District received campaign propaganda in their mailbox at Lehigh Valley taxpayers’ expense. Republican Congressional candidate Charles W. Dent mailed out his 6-page, color, glossy “energy update” apparently just outside of the 90-day window before an election where members of Congress are not allowed to use their taxpayer-funded mailing privileges.

Dent spent just $722.51 on mail from his congressional office in 2007, according to the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives. But in the first 3 months of 2008 alone, he spent $18,845.38 on the so-called franked mail, which doesn’t include this glossy mailing.

“With the $75,000 Congressman Dent’s received from Big Oil, you’d sure think he could afford to pay for a mailing out of his campaign funds. Instead, he’s leaving Lehigh Valley taxpayers footing the bill,” said Bennett campaign manager, Kathryn Seck. “Everyday our country is falling further into debt and more of our taxpayer dollars are being spent in Iraq, not here at home. But Dent sees fit to spend taxpayer money on his campaign direct mail instead of on policies that will move this country in the right direction. Maybe this is Dent’s plan for public campaign financing.”


Anonymous said...

Let the madness begin! A pox on both of their houses!

Anonymous said...

He could at least by himself a new tie.

Blah Society said...

Sam doesn't know what she's talking about. All she cares about is making Dent look bad. Had an actual respected (haha) politician made this argument, I'd take it serious.

bob said...
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