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Friday, August 22, 2008

Northampton County Council Visited by Roman Deity

Before I get into last night's group therapy session at Northampton County Council, I have to mention my own harrowing experience. Last night, when I sat in the peanut gallery, there was a very distinguished-looking and well-dressed older gentleman sitting next to me. In fact, I saw him at Wednesday's Finance Committee, too. I thought he must be one of those highly paid consultants who fly in from all over the place, look smart and make outrageous promises. He might even be a Big Oil rep or a Lehigh Valley Partnership spy. He had that look.

But I was mistaken. I was actually sitting next to a Roman deity.

When I noticed the county employee name tag, I dropped my pen and bent over to take a closer look. Emblazoned on the tag is "Janus."

Holy canoli!

He's the divine being I just snarked for getting hired here after being fired at Beaver Falls. I decided to introduce myself. Maybe I could get an autograph.

"Hey, Mr. Janus, how are you? Perhaps you've heard of me. I'm the second most popular blogger in Nazareth, A.J. Cordi."

- "I know who you are, Bernie."

"I see, perhaps you read my blog about you today."

- "Oh, I read it alright."

"How do you like that bit about Janus being the god of beginnings? Pretty good, huh?"

- "I'll tell you what. Janus is the god of endings, too, blogger boy."

Janus is actually a very nice god, and told me Beaver Falls dumped him when the composition of city council changed. Politics. Even the gods have trouble with that. I sat with this immortal all through the meeting. He cringed when council member Ron Angle called colleague Charles Dertinger a "blithering idiot" and winced when Dertinger threw his usual twenty minute hissy fit. Those two just think they're gods.

Welcome to Northampton County, Janus! Do you think Jupiter could spare a few thunderbolts?


Blah Society said...

That explains the prank calls at 3am

Anonymous said...

Another buddy patronage job he promised he would never fill.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This is one of the typical dishonest statements from the Stoffa haters. Misinformation and outright lies from anonymous cowards.

Stoffa made no such promise. When John Kingsley recently resigned to go to LVEDC, council was very concerned that we have someone in house to pursue economic development. Stoffa had nothing to do with the person selected, who is from western Pa, and likely did not even know John. He was selected by a committee of economic development leaders, including someone from Easton and someone from Tony Hanna's office in Bethlehem. He is a very interesting and well-spoken person in a career service position.

Anonymous said...

I heard he was recommended by Jack Bradt and some of the Repubblicnas that worked for Stoffa in 2005.

Bernie O'Hare said...

More disinformation.

I happened to have lunch w/ Mr. Janus on Friday. I don't want to go into the conversation, but he's no Republican.