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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are Pennsylvania's College Republicans Being Led by a Racist?

Adam LaDuca, Executive Director of The Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans, is in hot water.


LaDuca, on Facebook, called Barack Obama "a dumbass with a pair of lips so large he could float half of Cuba to the shores of Miami (and probably would.)" He then went into a bizarre series of explanations that just dug him deeper and deeper.

Pennsylvania Progressive dropped the dime.

According to an email from state chair Anthony Pugliese, "The Pennsylvania College Republicans will not allow or accept racism on the state board or from members in our organization." They're supposedly looking for a new Executive Director, and LaDuca is gone once they find one.

What's strange about this is that LaDuca opposed an "affirmative action bake sale" conducted at Kutztown University in 2006, in which white students paid more for cookies than anyone else. He even apologized, publicly, in a meeting with black students.


Anonymous said...

In regard to the Bakesale, Adam actually participated in the event and only opposed it after the fact, exploiting the controversy to ascend to the presidency of the KUCR. The "apology" that he eventually offered wasn't particularly coherent or sufficient:

''On behalf of the College Republicans to those who were offended by the event, I apologize,'' said LaDuca, whose statement was followed by cheering and applause from the standing-room only audience of 300 in McFarland Student Union. ''Like if I stepped on your foot, I will say, 'Oops, sorry.' We didn't mean for it to happen this way.''


Adam LaDuca, the Public Relations Director for the College Republicans, refused to apologize for the bake sale event but said, "As an organization, we don't stand for racism."


Anonymous said...

LaDuca is properly marginalized. Sharpton, Jackson - not so much.

Part of our collective penance for slavery is that only whites may ever have their physical characteristics lampooned. I didn't create the rule, but I understand it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 8:10,

That's the road LaDuca tried to follow. That dog won't hunt.

Anonymous said...

Republians are inherently racist. It comes with the patrician genes..

Bernie O'Hare said...

Making a sweeping statement about one party is just as bigoted as making a sweeping statement about somebody's race.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:13

That was an incredibly narrow minded and ignorant statement.

I have no "patrician genes" and I hate racism - whether it is white on black, black on white, or if it rearts its ugly head in any other form.

BTW - the Republican Party was formed to end slavery - the ultimate expression of racism.

The Republican Party was the Party that passed the Civil Rights Act, while Democrats, including Al Gore's father and Bill Clinton's 'role model', opposed civil rights.

Did they have "patrician genes" also?

Anonymous said...

I thought LaDuca was a Peurto Rican name. Last time I checked Lations not white, and just as cut down by racist. (You think Joey Vimeto from Genos in Philly loves english speaking latinos?)

In a day when many Americans (espically in the conservativeAmerican community which blames all of societies woes on Latinos like NAZIs with Jews and the KKK with "Negros")

You'd think a guy with a spansih name would have some courage and take corrective action against racist pigs, NOPE!

LaDuca wants them to love him, much like the Jews that told the NAZIs where to find the other Jews hiding!

LaDuca should be ashmed of himself and what he really misses. its like Black men who are anti-gay even though gays encounter the same hate blacks did forty years ago.

Hypocracy is the American way.

Unknown said...

anon 10:35 hate to burst the AM talk radio bubble of bullshit...........

Clintons role model was JFK, I think he did plenty for civil rights, some nuts killed him before he could do more. I recall something about JFK forcing the southern segregationist to let a black child into a white school.

And yeah Lincoln was a repub as was Teddy Rosevelt who today would be lambasted by Rush Scumball for being a "LIBERAL" for opposing monopolies, and supporting conservation of nature.

Reagan now thers a slimebag who opposed civil rights!

Anonymous said...

Ds were late to the civil rights parade and have been playing a guilt-ridden game of catch up since.

Ed Rendell and the Clintons are glaring recent examples that they still have great strides to make.

Rs are called racists for opposing policies of quotas and handouts. Ds throw programs to get votes, but don't much like when uppity minorities jump the hierarchy's line.

R presidents have appointed more women and minorities to positions of national importance than any window-dressing D who threw blacks a bone with Ron Brown and some Under Secretary appointments.

When an R who happens to be black is appointed to NSA Director, Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, or Supreme Court Justice, they are summarily labeled Uncle Tom.

When a D appoints a black to the federal equivalent of washroom attendant, it's a, "major step forward," or some other phony salve of self congratulations.

Racism is alive and well. Watch what is done, not what is said.

Anonymous said...

The following text comes from The PA Progressive (in their article about racism and stereo-typing):

"I understand the Kutztown environment can be one of intolerance. The Pennsylvania Dutch can be very bigoted.

I sat in a Kutztown restaurant last spring where three elderly couples were having lunch and one openly said "I'll never vote for a n*****."

Well there's proof for you that the PA Dutch are bigoted.

It would be funny if it wasn't really sad.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 12:04,

Point well made.

Anonymous said...

"I sat in a Kutztown restaurant last spring where three elderly couples were having lunch and one openly said "I'll never vote for a n*****."Well there's proof for you that the PA Dutch are bigoted."

Game. Set. Match.

An anecdote about a racial epithet uttered by one of six elderly in a Kutztown eatery is a very compelling case to paint all PA Dutch as bigoted.

Broad brush painting is just another symptom of our larger problem of failing to judge individuals by the content of their character.

I know many "Dutchies" who wouldn't think of spitting in black folks' food as Jesse Jackson has admitted. I also know Irish who aren't drunken brawlers, Italians who are not greasy and don't stink of garlic, Jews who aren't cheapskates, Puerto Ricans who don't steal, African Americans who are employed, lawyers who are honest, Mexicans who came here legally, and I was once paid quickly by a Welshman who lost a sports bet to me.

Countering bigotry with more bigotry is not the answer. I'm saddened by 12:04 and more so by Bernie's "amen."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:28 -- you are missing the point of both posts. They are condemning the same thing you are.

The point was being made that the Pennsylvania Progressive's author had himself made an ethnic slur.

Re-examine the two posts and you will that you are all on the same side.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 1:28,

I ditto Anon 1:35. While decrying racism, Morgan himself made what appears to be a bigoted remark.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that you are having this conversation and having to make these points in 2008 - it sounds more like 1964.

Anonymous said...

I agree that racism still exists but instead of whips and shackles, its money and stability. It's not White and Black, it's Rich and Poor. You are right, it's not 1964 but at least back then you KNEW where you stood and where people felt you belonged. Today people smile at you, shake your hand, and then kill you with bias and misrepresentation.


Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania Republicans are just being themselves. Go ahead and vote for McCain you non-business having, getting trickled on, tax paying fools. The world in not divided into black, white, brown or yellow; it is divided into haves and have-nots. The best way to keep the have-nots poor, it to keep them worried about other racial groups. Have fun being scared.