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Friday, August 22, 2008

Stoffa Expelled From Higher Education by Norco Council

At last night's group therapy session of Northampton County Council, Exec John Stoffa was up for re-appointment to the Higher Education Authority. Personnel chair John Cusick explained that, as a matter of principle, he was against re-appointment.

"I don't believe that an elected official should serve on county authorities. That was the basis for my no vote. The other two members of the personnel committee expressed similar concerns. So I guess if you bang your head up against the wall long enough, cracks start."

- "In your head or the wall?" asked fellow council member Lamont McClure.

I think it's Cusick's head. As Council prez Ann McHale explained, "Anytime there's taxpayer dollars involved, we should have representation, whether it's us or from the executive branch." That's the only way to prevent a shadow government from subverting the will of the electorate. Even Angle agrees with her. Packing a board with unelected officials who control any kind of money is a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, McHale made her argument after the vote had already been taken. By a five to four vote, Stoffa was expelled from Higher Education. I suspect two of those NO votes (McClure and Dertinger) were intended as just another jab at Stoffa.

After the meeting, i asked him how he felt about the obvious slight. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "Crushing defeat."

Chalk one up for shadow government.

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Anonymous said...

Smart move. Council got this one right.