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Monday, August 18, 2008

Pennsyltucky Politics: R.I.P.

Although I'm just a local blogger with no journalistic training, Brett Lieberman at Pennsyltucky Politics always had encouraging words. He often wrote to me back channel with advice or a comment about a local issue.

Capitol Ideas calls Lieberman a "mainstay of Pennsylvania political journalism for more than a decade." We all lose when voices like his are downsized.

Fortunately, Brett has already picked up a temporary position at The Forward, a highly respected New York-based publication described as “The Wall Street Journal of Jewish newspapers.” I always thought that was Molovinsky on Allentown.

I will miss his ability to cut through all the political smokescreens as well as his gentle humor.

Hope to read you again, Brett!

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Anonymous said...

The Patriot-News is part of Advance Newspapers, which also owns the E-T. That company, much like TMC (Tribune) is in big trouble. Brett is getting out while the getting is good. Unfortunately, we will be reading about the loss of more of "voices" in the months ahead.