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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin, Vogue Model

Yes, she might be our next VP. No, this is not a doctored photo. She actually did pose for Vogue.
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa: Thank goodness for my readers. Although Sarah Palin did pose for Vogue, the picture above is apparently doctored. Here's a link to the actual pictures. My apologies.


Anonymous said...

I'm right now watching her interview on Glenn Beck from several months ago, posted on Youtube. NLV

Anonymous said...

She certainly puts a fresh face to the Grand Old Party.

Scott Armstrong

Bernie O'Hare said...

She's a very attractive and intelligent woman.

Anonymous said...

Still doesn't get me excited for McCain tho. The GOP is a sad mess. NLV

Anonymous said...

Her family bought a float plane so they could go fishing.

How cool is that?

I know we're going to hear all the arguments about experience.

But, she's a governor of a state. A state where the families are all $1200 richer this year because of a tax she imposed on oil companies.

There is something about this woman and family that is very comforting to see.

Whatever the arguments, I'm glad that McCain didn't pick some Washington stiff to be his VP.

Blah Society said...

Sarah Palin is good for Alaska, as far as I can tell without actually living there, but McCain's motives for picking her as a running mate are not at all presidential.

Anonymous said...

ugh. I thought McCain was pandering for the Clinton vote, but clearly he's going for the middle-aged boner vote.

Anonymous said...

Degree in Journaiism and experience in TV reporting. Mayor & Governor: Negotiates with Russia over fishing rights,heads the AK National Guard: has been to Iraq more than Obama! Took on the corrupt Republican Party and managed to balance the budget and give a tax rebate. 5 Kids she is Blue Star Mother(son going to Iraq) has the courage to carry to term and raise a Downs syndrome child. She walks the walk and does it very well!

I am enthused as are many women in this country (of all political leanings)

Motives for picking her are no different from Obama's reason for picking Joe the Plagarist Biden (who by the way was an executive's son and was NOT born in Scranton) that is all hype to fish in the blue collar folks. Read the biography it tells the truth.
Political expedience is not a new thing to presidential races.


Chris Miller said...

First let me congratulate you on your observation of pretty Republican women and noting that one of the things that makes her attractive is her obvious intelligece.
I think McCain picked her for the conservatives in the party. Men are going to love her and moms will too. The base was something McCain needed to solidify. I don't believe the typical Hillary supporter will vote for her but those who are moms might move over.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you really don't believe the picture you have is one of the actual Vogue pics. It's widely know that the pic you show is a poorly done photoshop pic. Here are the true Vogue pics if you're interested...

Anonymous said...

oops..here;s the url for APs actual vogue pics


Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm embarrassed and thank you for correcting me. I thought I had the Vogue picture. I apologize and will correct my post.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin -

Smart, principled, attractive, conservative, a reformer, doesn't kiss the butt of establishment GOP leaders when they should instead be kicked in the a**, views herself as there to listen to the people instead of controlling a 'collective' of voters, and thinks that it is irresponsible for politicians to accept the "status quo" - meaning to play it safe just to get reelected.

Now that's a hell of a woman and a great VP pick!

Anonymous said...

I want to a Palin Pal.

PavlovsDog said...

"Anonymous said...
ugh. I thought McCain was pandering for the Clinton vote, but clearly he's going for the middle-aged boner vote.

7:37 AM "

My thoughts exactly.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I didn't even notice that comment until you pointed it out.

Lighthouse said...

I watched their "rally" introducing her as the VP pick on C-span. As I listened to her, I focused on John McCain. At least from the head-on camera angle I watched, you will notice McCain fiddling a lot with his hands, looking like he is playing with his wedding ring. But what really made me laugh, is that several times through out her speech it looked like McCain was checking her out. Specifically, from the camera angle they showed on C-span, it looked like he kept checking out her rear end...not once but several times. Watch it and tell me it doesn't look like that was what he was doing.

I don't know...mayor of a town of 6 to 7 thousand, and Governor of Alaska for a few years....so if she should "inherit" the presidency, the beauty queen would be dealing with Russia, Iran, etc....a candidate's first TRUE presidential decision is picking who his/her VP would be. I am sorry, but this decision is so blatantly political, and devoid of logic as to be insulting to a rational mind.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I understand your point, but can't the same be said of Obama? I don't mean to suggest that McCain was checking his ass. But the argument can be made that Palin has a little more foreign policy experience bc she deals with Russia in her capacity as Alaska guv. Both have scant experience beyond their home state. Don't get me wrong. I am not making that argument.

PavlovsDog said...

I don't know about anyone else, but personally, I'm excited to see her debate Joe Biden.

Like Biden or not, there are few (if any) people on the American political scene today with as complete an understanding of domestic and foreign policy issues. The guy has encyclopedic knowledge of the last 25 years of policy. Palin apparently knows why is should be OK to shoot polar bears and drill for oil.

Am I missing something here, or is this the most desperate, profoundly stupid VP choice in the history of the republic, or is there a darker meaning here?

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

I heard she will sport a Thong and seal skin bra in her debate with Biden.

Apprently they want to distract all white males watching.

Lighthouse said...


on the surface one might come to that conclusion, but how many votes did Obama get in the primary vs the "one" vote Palin got from McCain? Also, how many foreign policy comments has Obama made over the past year, compared to hers? If you are dealing strickly with foreign policy, I would have to say an Obama/Biden ticket has more experience and wisdom than a McCain/Palin ticket does.

Bernie O'Hare said...


You'd agree it is inappropriate to make Obama's race an issue. Isn't it inappropriate to make sexual suggestions, too?


I'd agree with you. McCain is obviously the expert when it comes to foreign policy, although Biden is a close second. Overall, I'd say Obama-Biden is a little stronger than McCain-Palin when it comes to foreign policy.

Anonymous said...


If you think Sarah Palin is "the most desperate, profoundly stupid VP choice in the history of the republic", you have a short memory. Just in the last 20-30 years, there have been plenty of equivalent (or worse) running mates from both parties.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 11:42, Sorry, but your "NEWSFLASH" has to be deleted. The point has already been made once. Also, I'm concerned about the use of sexual terms with reference to any candidate for any office.

Anonymous said...

Lighthouse --

I am missing the whole "Joe Biden" thing.

Here's what I know about Joe Biden. (I like to think I try to keep up with public events, perhaps more than most.)

He has run for President twice. I think first in 1988 or 1992. His first race for President jumped the rails when he plagiarized a stump speech. Media digging showed he had previously plagiarized as well. I don't recall if it was in his personal life as a lawyer or if it was as a Senator.

He's the politician who was caught on tape saying that you can't go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Doughnuts without an Indian accent.


He's had less than kind things to say about his running mate, Senator Obama.

I support our efforts in Iraq. I know that Senator Obama doesn't, but Joe Biden was one of the key Senate figures in getting the approval that President Bush needed to invade. Biden has of course since backed away from his efforts and in order to maintain the support of the Daily KOs and Huffington Post crowd he has tried to rundown the success of the U.S. Armed Forces "surge" efforts.

One of his sons works as a contract lobbyist and corporate lawyer in Washington. Good for him I say. If you're ethical, there's nothing wrong with being a lobbyist. Labor unions have oodles of lobbyists. However, it is something I intend to keep in mind when Senator Biden starts bashing the Washington special interests and their hordes of paid lobbyists.

In short, I'm not seeing Biden as being the plus for a campaign like you are Lighthouse.

He's not an original thinker, since they usually don't have to plagiarize.

He's not a force for change. How can you be when you've been part of the Senate's Millionaires club for over thirty years?

He's not an Iraq was Wrong zealot. He helped us go in there in the first place.

And, Democrat voters have told him twice already that they don't want him in the Number One job sitting in the Big Chair.

Remember Sarah Palin is running to be second fiddle not lead guitarist. I would say that if you compare her experience to Barack Obama's she does very well.

Anonymous said...

"He's not a force for change. How can you be when you've been part of the Senate's Millionaires club for over thirty years?"

I want to clarify my statement. Senator Biden is not himself a millionaire. I was referring to the institution of the Senate, which has often been called a "millionaires' club."

Actually, I believe that Senator Biden is not personally wealthy.

Please accept this correction.

Anonymous said...

It would seem Ms.Palin will be with-drawing as the V.P. pick shortly and should be resigning as Gov. later this week.The net seems to be reporting a "Desparate Housewifes" situation

Anonymous said...

Well if it is on the net -- it's got to be true.

1:03 is talking about the rumor on the Daily KOs (unimpeachable source if ever there was one) that is so vile I don't want to even type it out.

I'll say just that it involves Sarah's son with Down's syndrome.

One further observation, spreading those kinds of rumors just shows that the Lefties in this country realize that she's cooked their goose. Or possibly, shot their moose.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the "boner" and "thong" comments would be left up for long if they were directed at Sam Bennett (although spike received a very semi-stern talking-to). They are patently offensive and insult all women - not just this remarkable woman who has earned all she's accomplished without benefit of marrying it, like Hillary Clinton.

Liberals seem to want women to break the glass ceiling, but Sarah Palin will be "Uncle Tom-ed" because she's just not the right kind of woman (read: she's opposed to abortion).

She has more government executive experience than the D ticket combined. She has exactly the foreign policy experience of Obama and Bill Clinton on his inauguration day.

Just as the Rendell and the Clintons trotted out their true racist leanings re: Obama, so will the liberal sexists trot out their true feelings re: Palin. It's happening here already, as if on cue. So predictable.

Anonymous said...

Bernie O'Hare has the audacity to chide Spike Rogan concerning sexism, but leaves a doctored photo of the Alasakan Governor as his lead. Talk about two faced!

Anonymous said...

How disappointing. Women have not come very far on this blog.

Anonymous said...

My dad asked this very insightful question: if Palin was a man, would the same nomination have been made?

Don't know the answer. Any takers?

My gut says: 18 months as Gov of a state with fewer people than Houston, Texas and time as the mayor of a town smaller than Emmaus.

PavlovsDog said...


If you think Sarah Palin is "the most desperate, profoundly stupid VP choice in the history of the republic", you have a short memory. Just in the last 20-30 years, there have been plenty of equivalent (or worse) running mates from both parties."

Alan Earnshw.... Ok! I take my 'in the hisotry of the republic' comment. :)

Anonymous said...

She's more qualified than Hillary Clinton, who was being seriously considered for the top spot. Barack Obama made a keynote speech and has been running for president for three years. Those are his only qualifications. At least she's done something; in fact, quite a lot in a short time.

Biden shows all the experience of a foreign policy schizophrenic who's been uncannily wrong on every major issue. He voted against the first Gulf War while Iraq had troops in Kuwait. He voted for the current war - then opposed, supported, opposed, deemed a failure, admitted it worked, and said he actually supported the surge. He's a goofy plagiarist who's not the sharpest knife in the drawer (despite his self-proclaimed brilliance). Although he did say Obama was clean-cut and articulate. I imagine he thinks Palin is kinda smart for a girl.

This is a year when Ds should be taking a presidential layup. The polls indicate a very close race at a time when they should be way ahead following their convention. This country has rejected Ds in seven of the last ten presidential elections. There's a reason why.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I doubt the 'boner' and 'thong' comments would be left up for long if they were directed at Sam Bennett (although spike received a very semi-stern talking-to)."

You are right.

If directed at Sam Bennett, those remarks would not remain. I should have deleted the remark at first blush but did not bc I did not notice it until Valima mentioned it again.

That's on me.

I will not tolerate remarks that attack a candidate because she is a woman. I'm not sure the "boner" remark does that. That's more likely a slam at us older guys. But like I told Spike, I'd prefer not to read that stuff. It's inappropriate.

"Bernie O'Hare has the audacity to chide Spike Rogan concerning sexism, but leaves a doctored photo of the Alasakan Governor as his lead. Talk about two faced!"

As far as the doctored photo goes, it stays. I made a mistake, thinking it was the real deal. I have acknowledged that mistake. But I never considered that photo as a sexist slam at Palin. I think it is a flattering photo and she clearly could pose for one like it. It feminizes her, but it does not slam her bc of her sex.

The person who seems to be making that an issue is you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"1:03 is talking about the rumor on the Daily KOs (unimpeachable source if ever there was one) that is so vile I don't want to even type it out."

Yes, i read that last night. It's pretty bad, is based on no evidence, and comes from a group who banned people for suggesting Edwards was lying.

Anonymous said...

put the real photo up instead of the fake one. NOW Henry

Bernie O'Hare said...

Henry, Last time I checked, I run this blog, not you. The doctored photo stays. It was a mistake, acknowledged as such, and i don't take down posts. Moreover, the picture in question flatters Palin, at least in my view.

You are free to start your own blog.

Anonymous said...

We beautiful people don't get any type of respect for our minds, do we Bernie ? (smile) This whole incident actually encouraged me to update my pic on my e-newsletter for the Septemebr Edition, www.lehighvalleyflavor.piczo.com (shameless plug) What do you think, B?


Bernie O'Hare said...

Alfonso, you and I both know what it's like to be objectified. I'm sure you get the calls late at night, too. It's not easy being handsome.

Ken Matthews said...

FINALLY ! The Republicans Man up and put a Woman on the ticket...or should I say Woman up ? And so far she appears to be a woman that MILLIONS can identify with. Starting with the fact that she and her husband are not career politicians, lawyers or connected to Washington or connected period. She doesn't need a teleprompter...she believes what she believes.....not a lot of gray area there(nuance).Of course it's a political move...IT'S AN ELECTION...what kind of move should it be? Get a smart, attractive mother of 5, blue collar,Leader, 44, energetic,Governor, Huge #'s, Energy State, great on camera, Husband can kick your a**,..and throw in her ethics and integrity etc...BAM KICK IT UP A NOTCH.done !
Hopefully she'll surround herself with a good team----that's what leaders are supposed to do.
She and Obama have changed history. She and Biden's debate will be bigger than UFC on pay per view. Smart move by McCain.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Well considering one of the few things we know about her is she was a beauty queen. (and they have a bathing suit contest) I'm merely pointing out the obvious McCain picked a women not for her accomplishments but due of her looks.

If she was a heavy set 44 year old. (Like more American women) would he had picked her?

I mean this is a guy who dumped his first wife who waited for him for five years while he was a POW, after she lost her looks in accident.

And oh yeah Fox News, Fox Bussiness, and CNN like to hire hotties over smarties.

Bernie as you said last week about your post talking about toothless folks at Blue Valley. Liberal have the worst sense of humors.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Ken two points, A: Emril Lagasse is calling his lawyers to sue for plagerising his schtick.
B: She was a mayor before she was governor. And like all good beltway insiders has a former job in the media to boot.

Her career is just not as long as Biden or McCain.

If she loses this election I am willing to wager cash with gambling sites in the west indies, she will seek re-election in the great white north.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Oh and Geraldine Ferraro changed history before Captin Pant Suit and Palin.

All she got was being called the C word by Randi Rohdes for that.

Sebrink said...

Wow, Bernie, you really thought that Vogue cover was real?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, I am no artist or professional photographer. I knew she had appeared in Vogue. So I thought this was it. I blew it.

Anonymous said...

what is this a presidential election or a american idol contest?

Ken Matthews said...

You're actually calling Palin a BELTWAY insider.... are you serious ?

why shouldn't she seek re-election, If the people want her in office and she's got what it takes?

By the way, How long have you been married ? and what prison camp were you in? That was an interesting observation on your part regarding McCain's divorce.

Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Hare, take down that picture!

Bernie O'Hare said...

It stays. It is in no way offensive.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger guy and just starting to get interested in politics, I came across a book by Michael Lewis called Trail Fever (recently re-released as "The Losers). It is a book about the 1996 Presidential campaign. It is one of the best books on politics I have ever read.

No. It is one of the best books I have ever read. Mr. Lewis is a talented author. Even though the book was released after the election it was still a page-turning read.

Other than introducing "The Griz" to me (read the book and then buy shares of TWI)the great impact of the book for me was introducing me to a politician named John McCain.

Michael Lewis is by no means a conservative columnist. He writes regularly for the Slate, actually. However, I challenge you to read The Losers/Trail Fever (seriously, you'll enjoy it) and tell me afterwards that you don't think it would be okay, maybe even great having a President like John McCain.

And then read Michael Lewis's other books. I've read Moneyball, the New New Thing and Liar's Poker and I've thought each was a great read.

Sorry for the long post.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...


I guess you got upset about my joke noting the Emril lines,eh?

And as for POW camp, hey WTF guy was tortured by the VC while he was there until he denounced his nation. Heck thats why fellow republicans hate him. Yet the right wing talk machine rarely defended him on that. They allowed the Rick Santorums to use it against him. How many POW camps did Dick serve in?

Now let mew make this clear. McCain can not be allowed to use the POW camp to avoid every tough question. He has begun to do this. When he went on GOP subversive Jay Leno's show.(Leno had his made in China flag lapel on McCain did not.) He used the POW line to avoid admittting he is clueless to the amount of houses he owns.

But see your a Clear Channel guy. And well clear channel put together all the pro war rallies five years ago mostly through their "country" assets. Although they did feed bogus e-mails for stations across America to use as propaganda and claim they were from "local listener we know who is serving in the military" the most imfamous the female us soldier willing to fight the french male soldier in Afghanistan over the Iraq debate.

Two useless tools on 95.1 used that story to death. Too bad I actually know enough to know that very same lie was used in chain e-mails and across clear channels monopoly of terrestrial radio.

Then again those two tools every four years like to ramble on about why Republicans are the only ones who care about America. Yet they are on a Rock station not a Political talk station. sooooooooo, why the clear propaganda.

Yeah I know Clear Channel has Air America. Only most of AAR is a joke with former heads of the Rush Limbaugh show and network running it. How can anyone take a "Liberal" network serious that is run by die hard Conservatives?

Does Phil Donahue work for Sean Hannity?

But should I expect anyone from Clear Channel not to tow the line for the GOP?

oh and as for How many years was I married? How many years was John McCain divorced befor he dated Cindy? Oh thats right he was fucking around with her behind the first wifes back. The same one that waited on him for all those years he was a POW. How dare I point that out he was a POW, apparently it made him like John Edwards.

But then again the GOP has become the party of Family values, I don't see many of their talking points with McCain and Palin. Palin says shes for "abstinence" only before marriage Sex ed. (Not actually teaching about sexual health) well gee how that work?

Seems this ticket likes to have its cake and eat it too.

Oh and to end on a very high note. You'd think a man who spent five years as a POW would oppose cutting taxes during a war to help increase VA funding! Talk about the benefits of being a Admirals kid!

Imagaine if he had to deal with the run around the VA gives vets with health problems? But then again what would do we expect from a man who rallies against Universal healthcare in favor of private healthcare while he uses taxpayer funded healthcare himself.

Ken Matthews said...

I guess you're not going to answer the marriage question or the prison camp question- As far as the McCain-POW thing..YOU brought it up first when you referenced McCain divorcing his wife..as if you have information the rest of us dont. BTW..ClearChannel let me go September 2006. Why the ClearChannel tirade when we were talking about McCain/Palin?

Anonymous said...

J. Spike... it sounds like it is time for your pill.

Anonymous said...

"And as for POW camp, hey WTF guy was tortured by the VC while he was there until he denounced his nation."

Oooh! Tell me where I can sign up to be a Democrat. I want to have values just like the Spikester!

Just so we all know what the Spikester is WTF-ing here's a description from the New York Times Magazine (Article entitled "The Subversive."


Excerpt from article:

Public accounts of McCain's experience as a prisoner of war tend to focus on his physical toughness. Here is how Robert Timberg, in his gripping book ''The Nightingale's Song,'' depicts McCain after two months in a North Vietnamese prison camp:

McCain weighed less than 100 pounds. His hair, flecked with gray since high school, was nearly snowwhite. Clots of food clung to his face, neck, hair and beard. His cheeks were sunken, his neck chickenlike, his legs atrophied. His knee bore a fresh surgical slash, his ankle an angry scar from the bayonet wound.

His right arm, little more than skin and bone, protruded like a stick. But it was McCain's eyes that riveted $(his cellmate, Bud$) Day. ''His eyes, I'll never forget, were just burning bright. They were bug-eyed like you see in those pictures from the Jewish concentration camps. His eyes were real pop-eyed like that. I said, 'The gooks have dumped this guy on us so they can blame us for killing him,' because I didn't think he was going to live out the day.''

For nine days, McCain received no treatment for the injuries he sustained when he parachuted into a North Vietnamese mob: two broken arms, a shattered knee, a shattered shoulder and bayonet wounds in his ankle and his groin. He survived in captivity for the next five and a half years under constant, exquisite torture. His captors would hang him by his broken arms from dangling ropes for hours on end, for instance, the sort of stuff that even to read about causes sweat to pop out on your brow. But McCain's capacity to suffer was the least of what the experience revealed about him. The truly astonishing part of the story -- the moment where you cease cringing and go numb with wonder, when you, too, want to have your picture taken with McCain -- is that he did it . . . voluntarily.

McCain belongs to a distinguished military family; his father and grandfather are the only four-star father and son in United States military history, and his father was commanding the bombing of Hanoi at the time McCain's Navy fighter was shot down. The North Vietnamese planned for their famous P.O.W. to violate United States military policy, which dictated that prisoners return in the order they arrived. His early release might demoralize American troops, they figured. Except that he wouldn't go along. For five and a half years, they tortured McCain. For five and a half years, he refused to go home.

He had no choice in the matter, he later explained. To accept early release would have dishonored not only himself but his family. You just didn't do that.

End excerpt.

Hey, Spikester -- WDYGFY?

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

No. The picture is in no way offensive. it stays, especially since it annoys the trolls.

Anonymous said...

That picture is sexist. It is doctored and wrong. You are a bad man!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tin Cup,

If I considered the picture offensive, I would never have posted it. If I knew it was a fake, I would never have posted it.

Leartning that it is a fake, I won't take it down. Doing so would destroy the integrity of the nretwork. It is a mistake, readily admitted, but removing the pic would be an even bigger mistake.

The pic stays.

Tin Cup said...

Bernie my boy,

Thanks for your reply. I don't say you did something wrong. The way I see it, it's cheap. I didn't ask you to take it down. And I'm not offended.
I just don't understand why every donkey has this on his blog even knowing it's fake. It's pathetic that you, like other, had to do it. Why is picture on the cover of Vogue more important than the picture on any other magazine for "normal" people like http://patriotroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/palin-5.JPG

Also: "..destroy the integrity of the nretwork." what network? Your blog is just a pebble in the blog ocean. If you want your blog to be respected stay away from some cheap effects. We all like to see good looking sexy woman, but that's not the reason we like them.

Your blog has good stuff, so in the future just don't rush. Check the material before you borrow it.

Good luck ;)

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tin Cup,

I honestly believed that was one of Sarah's Vogue pics. I am duly admonished and will try to be more careful in the future. Actually, I like her.

Anonymous said...

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