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Monday, August 11, 2008

LVR to Interview Charlie Dent

"This is Charlie Dent calling."

I thought it was one of those damn robo calls and began cursing and burping into the phone. Unfortunately, I was speaking to the real Charlie Dent, the one who represents us in Congress. He'd like to stay there for two more years, and that depends on you.

Believe it or not, I will interview Congressman Dent sometime this week. If you have any question for the Lehigh Valley's represenative in Congress, please post it in the comments. I'll do my best to get an answer.

I think he'll even let me tape him.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Bennett's campaign talks alot about needing change and facing big changes in the future. How has Congressman Dent made himself an effective and experienced Congressman, one who can make a difference for his constituents? Can he bring us change for the better? How has his time in office qualified him to represent us again?

Anonymous said...

How does Rep. Dent see America responsibly handling the War Iraq and America's growing debt at the same time? What condition are we going to leave the country in for our children?

(See this NYT article for basis of question.)

Anonymous said...

An empty suit? What has he really accomplished in Washington? I know he is involved with some group of guys from both sides of the aisle..what is their/his agenda now? His stance on the war will hurt but not enough for him to not be re-elected. Bennett is just so fake it hurts! I just want him to try to work with the Dem's instead of stone walling them..a little give and take for a change!

Anonymous said...

He might be the area representative;
I be a fool to think he's representing me!

Response to:
I was speaking to the real Charlie Dent, the one who represents us in Congress.

Anonymous said...

What does he think about the situation with the Russians and Georgia?

Can he name the leaders of both countries?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter, your money says he needs to go.

Response to:
What does he think about the situation with the Russians and Georgia?

Anonymous said...

"Doesn't matter, your money says he needs to go."

Cryptic. Not very intelligent. But definitely cryptic.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hey folks, this is your chance to get your answers from Charlie Dent. Where are the tough questions that so many promised they'd have?

Anonymous said...

Were moving on to another road; Dent
lead us down a dead end.

Response to:
Where are the tough questions that so many promised they'd have?

Anonymous said...

Have you or do you plan to visit the ANWR, more specifically the area where exploration is proposed? signed, a democrat that voted for you.

Blah Society said...

Two-part question...

On education, what does Dent believe needs to be done to improve our education system in Pennsylvania? Also, does Dent believe that NCLB needs to be re-organized to better serve our schools or erased all together. Lots of time and money has gone into NCLB and I would like to know his views. Please be specific.

Anonymous said...

Healthcare is not just a problem for the uninsured. It is a problem for those workers with insurance. Companies make reinbursement forms obtuse, than refuse claims, set-up cumbersome appeal processess. Even if you can get through to a human, they can't answer your question.

My question, Would Mr. Dent agree to a no-fault health insurance law that states if you were accepted and paid at least a year of premiums the company must cover the claims. No saying you had heartburn 10 years ago and didn't mention it and it is a pre-existing condition for a bleeding ulcer. No fault health insurance; you get accepted, you pay premiums, they pay medical bills? Would he agree yes or no.

Also a no-cut policy. I pay premiums for years. I get sick and they pay. Then they drop me as to risky or jump my premium 500%. Will he sponser legislation for no-cut ploicies and reasonable rate hikes?

Good questions if I do say so myself, and I just did.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie,

I have two questions for Charlie that I'd love to see you ask:

-While he (Dent) may have voted against the Bush Administration on some issues in the past, he has not voted once for timelines, funding cuts, or any other change of direction on the Iraq War. He in fact has voted the White House position on each vote since his 2004 election in regards to Iraq. He now supports John McCain for President, who has done the same. In light of this, and in light of the fact that 70% plus of America wants the war to begin drawing to a close, and in light of the fact that the sovereign government of Iraq has agreed that we should begin to wind down our presence, how does Charlie Dent plan to assert his independence from Bush and McCain on this issue? How does he plan to begin to drawing down the war, without a precipitous and dangerous withdraw? Does Dent agree with the 16 month-2 year timeline that is being discussed now?

-Every government agency of relevance, and every non-industry run think thank has said that drilling off shore will not produce significant drops in gas prices. They also say that it will take several years to produce anything usable anyway. In light of this, does Charlie support any of the Democratic ideas, as well as drilling, to address our energy issues?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have a lot.

- What is the basis for Dent's opposition to online gambling? Does he support the casino project in PA?

- Does Dent support the moratorium on internet sales tax?

- Does Dent support net neutrality in which the internet usage is not throttled based on the amount of money your organization can pay?

- Can Congressman Dent explain his vote to grant telecoms retroactive immunity regarding warrant-less wiretapping collusion?

- Dent's website states: "A government bureaucrat or politician should not be telling you what treatments, surgeries or prescription drugs you are allowed to have." Why does the Congressman think an insurance company clerk should have that right? Does Mr Dent not believe that Medicare is working?

- Why does Mr. Dent continue to vote for the Iraq war and against time tables when he claims he the war "cannot be open-ended?" Is he now in support of the "time horizons" proposed by Bush and McCain?

- As a member of the Homeland Security Committee, how does the Congressman explain out total lack of progress in securing our ports and industrial and energy infrastructure as well as countless other points of vulnerability?

- Mr Dent supports a woman's right to choose. Why does he oppose the rights of a parent to transport a minor across state lines to circumvent local abortion law?

- Mr Dent supports a Constitutional Amendment banning same sex marriage. Why?

- Why does Mr Dent oppose allowing the federal government the right to negotiate pricing for the Medicare prescription drug program? Does this position not favor the pharmaceutical companies and not the senior citizen?

- Would you support building a nuclear power plant in the 15th Congressional district?

- Will you be debating your challenger?

- Will you seek George W Bush's endorsement and ask him to campaign with you?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hayshaker, Don't be sorry. These are good questions. I will ask as many as I can.

Anonymous said...

Ask hism how he stays so good looking.