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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chrin Landfill Stinks!

Forty-five odor complaints in 2008. Thirty thousand tons of sewage sludge in 2007 alone. No, I'm not talking about me, but Chrin Landfill, located in Williams Township.

It's the first thing Jersey residents breathe after crossing the border. "Ahhhhhh. Smells like Newark!"

The Committee to Save Williams Township and state officials, including state rep. Bob Freeman, met last week to discuss "odors, daily and final landfill cover, truck inspections, radiation and air quality." Check it out at Northampton County Spotlight.


Anonymous said...

Gee, do oyu think the dissenters are the ones calling in these complaints? I live nearby and yes, on a rare occasion I smell some methane but it is rare and faint.

Chrin has taken this area from the dump that it was when I was growing up to a very credible sanitary landfill that it is today.

Where do i live? On South Side - a lot closer than 90% of the people in Williams.

Give it up. Support your Supervisors and all of the poeple who have lived here. You Johnny come lately's let me say one thing to you, well two. First - when you bought your house the landfill was there and second - it stills smells better than where you came from!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The constitution of the U.S. doesnt discriminate on how people can enjoy the property they own by measuring how long they have owned it. It doesnt matter if you lived here your whole life or a few years. If you own property you have an equal right to decide how the township is managed. Yes the landfill was here when newcomers bought property. The key is the landfill had borders and people made buying decisions on where the borders were. Chrin always knew that he had to compete with the residents for expansion. Now the majority doesnt agree that he should be allowed to expand. Old timers, if you dont like what the township has become then it is time for you to fold your tent and move somewhere else.

"support your supervisors" is the most ignornant thing I have heard in a long time. They are elected officials and in this country that means they are bound to support us, the taxpayers...not vice-versa. The honorable thing they could do is cast their vote for what the majority want. The majority of course is well spoken and clearly for NOT allowing expansion. The methane gas has gone to the brains of some of the folks here who somehow have decided that future dumping of garbage and other foul items by the truckloads everyday is somehow good for our way of life. Its common sense...dont bury toxins in your backyard if you dont have to!

Anonymous said...

The Stupid-visors of williams township are obviously on the take from Chrin...they have heard from more than half of the voters that they dont want expansion. If they vote for expansion do they really think the very same voters are going to re-elect them? Wake up myopic supervisors...williams township is for families, not landfills. I support children and peaceful living, I certainly dont support the chrin landfill who is dailu burying things that will eventually kill fish, animals and people as time goes by....

Anonymous said...

These signs in the front yard of some of our township residents are really telling of how much like sheep some people really are.

Support the landfill??? Really???!!!

Why does a working family put a sign in its front yard basically saying that they are all for Chrin making many more millions of dollars that he will not share with the township? Wake up!!!!!

If the township is going to bury toxic waste in the neighborhoods where our kids ride their bikes and play sports then the township itself should get into the landfill business and sqeeze chrin right out of it,....if we did it this way chrin wouldnt be the guy getting rich off the three eyed fogs that roam the perimeter of the landfill, the township would and they at least we would have real property tax refief...not this made up amount that is promised but will never, ever be realized by the residents.....wake up!!!!

Anonymous said...

you remember the comedian that had that slogan "Heres your sign"...it was meant to say that when you make yourself out to be a dummy it is like holding a sign up that says "I'm stupid"///////

Well, those signs have come to life in the twonship...they read
"support the landfill"
"support the supervisors"
"opens spaces, less taxes, supervisors"

They are really the signs that are like a road map to the dumbest people in williams township....at least we have an idea where the morons live now because they were kind enough to post signs in their front yard for us....

Guess what majority voters? When it comes time to add out two new supervisors, lets make sure they never had a "stupid people live here" sign in their front yard before we decide who we may vote in.

Anonymous said...

Does Charles Chrin live in Williams Township? Of course he doesnt...that is why he wants to dump NJ and NY garbage here...because it doesnt affect him or his family...he just grows his bank account....

and oh, who got the beautiful rec center? Was that us? No it was Palmer! Lets see he dumps the trash here and gives the great rec center to the town he lives in...BUT HE PROMISED US SOME SPORTS FIELD DOWN HILL FROM THE GARBAGE PILE!!!! What a great guy! What a great deal! Lets take it! Anyone want to buy the bridge over i-78..I will sell it to you cheap!