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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paris Hilton For President? "I'm Just Hot!"

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Earlier this week, the Obama race card ouraged all the Obamaphiles. Both of them tell me I'm a bigot. Well, I'm an equal opportunity racist, damn it! I want to piss off the McCainiacs, too, so I'll post this Paris Hilton video. I hate old farts.

This joke may fail because Republicans tend to have a better sense of humor than Dems. Bush alone is one of their best jokes.


Anonymous said...

It failed, Republican here and it's funny! But the Obama race card one was funnier.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bernie for this..I enjoy seeing Paris alot more than lsistening to, or seeing, the other two. Actually her energy policy is better than McCains or Obamas. Too bad Hillary didn't win. Paris could have worked closely with Bill on tobacco issues
like he did with Monica..

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, and Paris likes drilling, too. Quelle surprise.

Blah Society said...

So this is what Paris meant by changing her life or something?

Anonymous said...

paris likes drilling too? Wow, i'd love to drill Prill.. Oops, I meant I'd support drilling like , Paris..

Anonymous said...

no Paris likes getting drilled

Anonymous said...

"i'll see you at the debates, bitches." - Paris Hilton

best campaign quote so far!!!!

Anonymous said...

All of the senior members of our society have been insulted by Paris Hilton and all those who think like her, God Forbid. Her insult about, "Old Dude" is O K, but if a remark was made about race or position in life is blown up in every news paper, tv news program and radio news/talk programs in the world. If you don't think so, then why was Imus fired. But then again the news media does not report the news, they sell it. If you don't think so, then tell me why there are commercial breakes evry so many minutes.

Anonymous said...

Tomp40c, you totally lost me dude. Nobody wants to think like Paris, dude. They just want to think about drilling with her.

Anonymous said...

No Dem joke is as funny as the the hero worship of the esteemed KKK guy from West Virginia (always the quickest guy with a match in the Senate cloakroom) - or the drunk swimmer from Martha's Vineyard. Bet Paris wouldn't take a ride home from Teddy. Touche'. Good fun.

Chris Miller said...

Thank you for recognizing that Republicans have a better sense of humor but I must say the slap at "W" was not.

As to Ms. Hilton, why or why would anyone be interested in getting anywhere near this woman with a ten foot pole much less a significantly smaller appendage carried by every male.

Anonymous 4:55PM
Right on.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Lest we forget Paris parents both gave the MAX a person can give a Presidential Candidate.

Sooooooo, the Hiltons were less than happy with the McCain ad that they in part funded to have his folks yet again cluelessly bash their few supporters kids.

And I must say who ever wrote Paris speech, gave her a more detailed plan than Obama and McLame combined.

I love the rabid Obama supporters who go off the handle when you point out just how flawed he is.

The bar has been set so low after the last 8 years people think speacking in complete sentences and not forgeting your points is somehow Churchill, or FDR like.

So far Obama has shown me he is as ball-less as Kery to stand up to the Neo_Clowns.

Not to mention his "Healthcare Plan" is a joke. It mirrors McCain practically.

Let alone warrentless wiretaps, don't get me started. I have yet to hear Obama make any great speeches on Labor. I mean with all of our jobs vanishing lets worry less about witty jokes about McLames ads, less about "I'm not a Republican" (could have fooled me of late!)

And maybe focus on the giant sucking sound that aqs it turns out is our jobs leaving America.

If the Corporate Dems don't want folks like me to vote Nader........... get your asses moving and take some REAL liberal postions not more LIBERTARIAN postions!

Chris Miller said...

It did not take a genius to come up with the plan espoused by Ms. Hilton. I think that the vast majority of Americans realize that we need to move away from oil but let's not forget that oil is everywhere. You find it in medicines, tires, paneling, clothing and in one of Ms.Hilton's vital essentials, make up. I would suggest that oil will be around as a need for a long time particularly for the make up thing.
I also believe that most of us are well aware of the fact that we will look to oil as a bridge to the new technologies that will come about as a result of American producers and inguity. For now we all need to look at the percentages on wind, solar and other sources of power. They are very low and I doubt if change will be here tomorrow.Unless we want the world to come to a complete standstill, I suggest we call for more drilling and forget the Obama inflation thing. None of us are running on flat tires

Bill Villa said...

Misogyny (pronounced /mɪˈsɒʤɪni/) is hatred (or contempt) of women. In the late 20th century, feminist theorists proposed misogyny as both a cause and result of patriarchal social structures.

Anonymous said...

yet again Paris is utilizing events to give herself a PR boost... she's a thinker alright

Anonymous said...

“It sounds like Paris Hilton supports John McCain’s ‘all of the above’ approach to America’s energy crisis - -including both alternatives and drilling. In reality, Paris Hilton may have a more substantive energy policy than Barack Obama,” spokesman Tucker Bounds said.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bill Villa demonstrates my point about Rs having a better sense of humor quite nicely. Thanks, Bill.