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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wanna Sign the Final I-Beam Hoisted Atop Lehigh County Courthouse Addition?

This sounds like fun.

On Thursday, August 21, just before the final I-beam completes the steel phase of construction at the Lehigh County Courthouse addition, county workers will be given a chance to sign their John Hancocks. That starts at 11:30 AM, but will finish at 1 PM with signatures and short speeches by Lehigh County Exec Don Cunningham, President Judge Bill Platt and Commissioners' Chairman Percy Dougherty.

Will county officials let you sign the beam, too? As long as you're there early enough, I'm sure they'd try their best to accommodate. The beam signing will take place at 5th & Hamilton.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Didn't Percy and Platt oppose this project in favor of the more expensive model? In fact, didn't DA Jim Martin threaten a lawsuit if he and Platt did not get the most expensive model? They should be barred from signing the beam, unless they do so with a reservation of rights clause! What pagentry! nlv

Anonymous said...

True enough,Commissioner Dougherty and four other commissioners (3 R's and 1D) supported the original plan, and four commissioners (3 R's and 1 D) favored a scaled back plan with an annex concept. The current project under constructon was the result of much compromise which both capped the project cost at a little over 60M, and put all judicial functions under one roof. That said, Commissioner Dougherty was heavily involved in the crafting of the compromise plan, supported by all nine commissioners and deserves significant credit, along with Executive Cunningham for working with the Judiciary to move the project forward from the conflicting positions which existed between all three branches. Glad to see the achievement of this significant milestone. Percy can sign for me!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:56 -

Thanks to Executive Cunningham, we are now getting half the building at about the cost of the original (larger) addition that was proposed.