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Friday, August 29, 2008

US Newspaper Leaving Downtown Nazareth

PhotobucketIn yet another sign of bad times for local newspapers, the US Newspaper is leaving downtown Nazareth. Northampton County's largest weekly, the US is a publication of the Express Times. Although the paper will continue to publish, it will be from Easton instead of Nazareth. The doors will closed by September 12, leaving Nazareth with yet another vacant business.

Over the past twenty years, the US has handled a lot of walk in business for Nazareth seniors and yard sales. It always contains interesting little stories about kids in Nazareth area sports programs. Whether that will still continue, when the paper is published in Easton, is questionable.

The 56 S. Main Street office has also provided a quiet haven for reporters covering Nazareth and Slate Belt beats. I often say JD Malone and Doug Brill in there, writing late at night. Will reporters have the same understanding of the Nazareth community when they have to come up from Easton?


Anonymous said...

Without a local point of view in black and white, Nazareth fades into obscurity. Bernie, your torch has to be a little bit brighter from now on.

Bernie O'Hare said...

We still have the Key, another weekly, but I always liked US. We also have another nazareth blog, news Over Coffee. Ross' style is not my style, but I read him every day.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

You better hang around the Starbucks on 248 in lower Naz township (Scabbucks calls it the "easton" store)

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

because thats where they will get coffee to and from the office to the area.

accidently hit enter before I was done.

Blah Society said...

It's sad to see the office go, but at least we're not losing the entire publication.

Sebrink said...

I am saddened that there will be yet another empty storefront on mainstreet but I don't really see how this will affect the publication itself except for the walk-in business that you mentioned.

But there is a big issue that I have with both the US and the Key. These papers come to me in the mail without my requesting them. And there does not seem to be anyway to not get them sent to me. I get all of the news and info I need online. For environmental and personal reasons I try to go paperless whenever possible (yes, I realize the irony of a paper mache artist trying to go paper-less). The failure that I see with both of these weeklies is a lack of an online presence (the Key has absolutely none, The US overlaps with the Express Times to some extent).