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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama's Real Problem is Not McCain, It's Us

About a month ago, patriots were outraged when it was discovered there was no American flag emblazoned on the tail of Barack Obama's campaign plane. Gee, that's just like John McCain's campaign plane.

That manufactured scandal has died down, but a new smear is making the rounds. Yesterday, my email box included this picture. I'd let this slide, but this is one of many emails I've seen that attack Obama because he is black person with an unusual name. A lot of them come from Democrats, not McCain or his supporters. It's been so bad that the Obama camp has had to launch a web page to counter the sleaze.

The Wall Street Journal dismisses this "imagined racist America." "Do Democrats really think so little of their fellow Americans?"

The Wall Street Journal should look at my in box.


Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that racism is dying. However, there is still racism.

I still find it astounding that I was born in 1965 and lynchings were still far too common. I am proud to be part of what I call the MLK generation. We have come a long way. But the end of the road is not in sight yet.

Blue Coyote said...

"There is no doubt that racism is dying."

No one should kid themselves. Racism is alive and well. It may manifest itself differently than the days gone by, but be assured that racism pervades our society as much or more so than a generation ago.

The endless struggle continues to combat this disease within our collective soul. Yes, this is our disease. Our responsibility to eradicate. Our duty not to perpetuate to our children.

Anonymous said...

I thought white racism was dying until our nation's "first black president," started with the, "are you sure?" stuff in the final desperate moments of Hillary's campaign.

Black racism is still on solid footing with the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

M.McShea said...

It may be hardest thing in the world to use that voting level to match the liberal rhetoric of the past forty years. No big deal for a lot of people but one giant leap for so many others.

I think I see an Obama bumper sticker on McCain's jet's tail humbly placed below King John's flag.

You quote the WSJ - The business news and the oped/blog are two different things since that scavanger Murdock descended on that once great institution. Since the buyout, the WSJ oped/blog is somewhere right of Krystallnackt and Atilla the Hun.

Anonymous said...

I doubt very much that alot of this crap is coming from Democrats. As pathetic as some of our Southern democratic brethren might be in this regard I doubt they are the ones fanning the flames here. McCain camp is going to do this as much as possible until November.They won't be out front with it but they will certainly be involved.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, a lot of this is coming from fellow Dems. That's what my inbox tells me. The person who claimed to have a tape of Michelle Obama stating "whitey" is, for example, a Democrat.

There are racists in both parties. I've watched Democrats launch all kinds of racist smears against Condi Rice, including calling her "Aunt Jemima."

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

The pic is like posting Saddams lynching.

I've been watching The Young Turks from the Convention. You should see the SS detail Michele and family get now they busted those two clueless Nazis who wanted to kill Obama with a .22 rifle with a scope.

(The racist intentions is clearly brainless)

The fact they thought a .22 would work from far distance shows how thoughtless they are.

There is the sad reality should Obama win the Neo-Nazis and skinheads will do their damest to make Biden President.

And sadly in American Histroy we average a assisanation attempt on our president roughly one every three presidents.

I wonder what Canadas rate for their Prime Minister is?

PavlovsDog said...

Is that photo racism or stupidity?

They are both unproductive.

I always wonder what purpose it serves to be full of hatred toward anyone, let alone someone of another race or ethnic background.

My familial background probably encompasses more ethnicities than the UN has participating countries so it is hard for me to understand the concept of this.

Do these people not have anything more productive to do in their lives than to sit around and come up with ideas as to why they hate 'so and so'?

If they were so superior, wouldn't they be sitting around figuring out how to eradicate the world of disease and poverty?