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Friday, August 22, 2008

Norco Council VP Grube: "Can't We All Just Get Along?"

If there is one office that really detests Northampton County exec John Stoffa, it is the Sheriff's Department. He stopped the previous practice of allowing deputies to drive county cruisers home every night. Their union contract ended up in arbitration.

Last night, the arbitrators' award was approved unanimously by Northampton County Council. VP Wayne Grube, who is well aware of the hard feelings on both sides, had this to say.

"I sure hope that we throw aside our differences. . . . I hope we can get together and work for the goodness of Northampton County. As far as the Sheriff's Department is concerned, the Sheriff's Department is very important to Northampton County. I hope that we pass this tonight, go forward, so that the administration, sheriff's department and sheriff's deputies are now working as one."


Anonymous said...

In a word, "nice."

Anonymous said...

It's about time!!! The Deputies finally get what they deserve. John Stoffa is such a disappointment. The majority of the people in the Mt. Bethel area really appreciate all they have done for us. We love when they are in our area because we only have the State Police. The State Police are busy and their response time is terrible (only because of their location.) Without the help of the Sheriff's Dept. the floods could have ended much worse. They risked their lives during these difficult times. Stoffa wants to exclude them from helping us in the future. When asked why, Stoffa replied, "people die everyday." Thanks for your concern John.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:24

I live in another area of NorCc where we pay for police protection and don't much like having to subsidize Slate Belt communities that don't.

My NorCo municipality used to rely on PSP coverage as well. We were dissatisfied with the arrangement and now pay for a full-time police department. I suggest you get out of my wallet and do the same.

I'm no fan of Stoffa, but he was right here.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:53

This was done out of spite not money saving. One of the many promises Stoffa made to get elected. An important County person wanted the the Sheriffs Deputies taken down a peg.
Mr. Stoffa obliged. His offhand remark about people dying is very Stoffa.
Fact is the Deputies provided great help County wide and now they don't.

Anonymous said...

bernie you are as much of a scum bag as stoffa is. this is only my belief. when a life or the property of a employee or administrator is at risk, its the sheriff's office that is called. floods, etc. you two love to discount the dept. when you dont need them, but god forbid you need one of them to save your ass then they become your hero right. the two of you make me sick and you both should go to the five and dime store and buy a life. thank you

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's easy to call somone a scum bag when you're posting anonymously. I did not snark your office in this post. I just reported what was said. Now, you can continue acting like a little baby and write slurs when you're supposed to be out there pulling people out of burning buildings, or you could start doing your job. Your choice.