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Friday, August 01, 2008

Can the Internet Replace Dying Newspaper Industry?

According to Chris Hedges, the answer is NO.
We live under the happy illusion that we can transfer news-gathering to the Internet. News-gathering will continue to exist, as it does on this Web site and sites such as ProPublica and Slate, but these traditions now have to contend with a new, widespread and ideologically driven partisanship that dominates the dissemination of views and information, from Fox News to blogger screeds. The majority of bloggers and Internet addicts, like the endless rows of talking heads on television, do not report. They are largely parasites who cling to traditional news outlets. They can produce stinging and insightful commentary, which has happily seen the monopoly on opinion pieces by large papers shattered, but they rarely pick up the phone, much less go out and find a story. Nearly all reporting -- I would guess at least 80 percent -- is done by newspapers and the wire services. Take that away and we have a huge black hole.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting post by Mr. Hedges.

I agree w/ most of what he said, but I challenge him in that I believe MSM is absolutely ideologically positioned (as are internet sources), they are not at all impartial. For an example, just read the New York Times for a few days. Bottom line - there is very little "true reporting" going on anywhere any more. That is a major problem for all of us.

Make no mistake, newspapers are dying. What will replace them? It's going to be a technology-driven solution.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Guttenberg turning over in his grave..progress is unstoppable. Reporters seem to be a dying breed and that is sad! News services are the norm now and investigative reports are few and far between. It's just spin anymore and that is dangerous. Ben Franklin..help us in our hour of need!

Anonymous said...

Most of the genuine news is on the opinion page anyway. That is where you get a sense of what is and isn't important in peoples lives! The rags will carry on somehow..someway..