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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bennett Wants Dent at Pottstown Candidates' Forum Tonight

Siobhan Bennett has issued a news release to tell us she'll be appearing tonight, 7 P.M., at the "Working Families Win Candidates Forum." She'll be at the Rickets Center in Pottstown.

Bennett's camp announces that Congressman Charlie Dent has taken a pass.

I promised to post this notice tomorrow, but the Bennett camp wants it up right now. They want Charlie to change his mind.

After checking out "Working Families Win," I doubt that's going to happen. It's a spinoff of Americans for Democratic Action, which was organized by Democratic Party leaders in 1947. It's no neutral or impartial forum. But amazingly, even this group concedes Congressman Dent is a moderate.


Anonymous said...

Any idea if this group is associated with America Coming Together? You know, the extremely liberal 527 group that Sam Bennett LOVES to say she was the regional field director of in the Lehigh Valley? Coincidentally that group was fined exactly one year ago by the FEC for $775,000 for having "violated election law by funding too much of its activity with money raised outside federal restrictions." The fine was the largest ever levied against a 527 group.


What a joke and an embarassment!!!

Anonymous said...

According to an article in The Mercury, the forum does seem suspect.

Phila Black, an organizer for the group, says the purpose of the event isn't to let voters hear the candidates debate or discuss the issues:

"The function is to get their position on the record," Back said. "And then we educate the voters."

They will educate the voters, instead of just letting them formulate their own opinions based on what the candidates say? Sounds like a strange purpose for a non-partisan candidate's forum.

Anonymous said...

Bennett is an a$$. She announced this...when? She has to know that Charlie Dent has a full schedule and requires more than a couple hours notice to appear somewhere.

Yet again, Bennett makes herself look bad while trying to make Dent look bad.

She gives Dems a bad name.

Anonymous said...

i'm jumping out of my britches just waiting for a bennett staffer to come on here and post how amazing sam the scam did at this little get together this evening. cmon, don't dissapoint!!! i'm sure we'll all get a good laugh at the "report."

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'll load up the Dent camp's response. I was away from computers and just got it.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, what was the Dent camp's response to this?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Sorry. I loaded it up as a separate blog. It's the blog posted right after this.