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Monday, February 13, 2017

Tom Muller To Seek Re-Election as LC Exec

Tom Muller and his much better half, MJ 
Four years ago, when Tom Muller announced his candidacy for Lehigh County Executive in the Emmaus Circle, I froze my ass off. Tom went on to win, and has been fairly successful there. You could say it's because of his Republican Board of Commissioners. You could also say it's despite them.

I am happy to tell you that Muller will be announcing for re-election tonight I'm especially happy to tell you that, this time, it will be indoors. He'll be announcing at the Brookside Country Club Pub, located in Macungie, between 6 and 8 pm.


Anonymous said...

Let us see how free and fair these comments will be.

Muller threw a news reporter out of the Lehigh Government Center due to his stonewalling on the Packer case. Northampton County has been hammered on this by Mr. O'Hare. He has already censored this about Muller. Will he continue to have a double standard?

Let us hope Mr. Browning runs against Muller. Now you can all go to the country club.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his friend and confidant "Fed Ed" will be there. Friends of fast Eddie gave Mr. Mueller money last time.

Anonymous said...

Muller has been competent but uninspiring and Lehigh County has become increasingly Democratic in voter performance and registration. If there is a reasonable turnout for the mayoral race in Allentown, he should cruise to victory. The only question is whether or not he can flip one of the district Commissioner seats to end the veto proof Republican majority he faces. Dougherty, Schware, and Grammes will be tough to dislodge in their suburban districts.

Bernie O'Hare said...

5:07, You have no idea what you are saying. Muller did not throw anyone out if the courthouse. A newly hired deputy sheriff threw a reporter out of CYF. In NC, members of the public are not allowed in their offices at all. Also, it is Muller who publicly disclosed that two foster children had been placed with Packer. He responded to media inquiries on January 19.Brown waited until Lamont McClure announced he was running against him. I deleted you once before bc you just attacked him and had nothing substantive to say. Deanna Durante claims he never spoke to her, and if that is so, that is a mistake. But it is not his pattern. He has been responsive in all the contacts I have made with him over the years.. I have never heard a complaint that he shoves the press away. With Brown, it is the norm.

Anonymous said...

Either he lied or the reporter lied. The reporter was very clear about Muller's arrogance. He was schooled on how to curry favor with you. He is your mancrush so you cover for him.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I had nothing to do with the story to which I link, so currying favor with me is meaningless. Muller offered a statement, and was fairly responsive.

george schaller said...

there are many many bones in the county circus carnival, if one cared to dig. Simple case in mention that fed ed is hopping to get a Snuka too!
The circus carnivals will begin to pop up soon!
REpublican redd
humanist by design

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Dean Browning dumps this turd. He is a pension pader carrying dead weight hanger-on's in Lehigh County. Timer to air out the executive offices.

Anonymous said...

Just another Democrat representative of the working man making his announcement at the country club.