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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Allentown Central Catholic Qualifies For Playoffs in Final Season Game

Allentown Central Catholic boys' basketball needed just one win to qualify for District playoffs, but had a tough time getting it. They were blown out by Emmaus, and then lost to Stroudsburg with a buzzer beater. It came down to their final game of the season. The team rose to the occasion with a convincing 75-57 drubbing of Nazareth last night.

It was a team victory. Many teams rely on one or two players to carry the offense, but Central is at its best when everyone contributes. Chris Ocasio was king of the layup, scoring 15 points. Jordan McChristian was right behind him with 14, and was everywhere on the court. Dat Lambert and Nick Filchner each had 12. Jay Vaughan, the heart of the team, scored 10. He also defended against Nazareth's most dangerous weapon, 1,000-point scorer Kevin Wagner, holding him to a scant 10 points. Kevin Kern connected for 6, and also delivered clutch rebounds and assists.

Central will likely face Whitehall once the division playoffs start. They played twice during the regular season. Whitehall won the first game, and Central won the second.

Dat's post-game meal was Girl Scout cookies. Some enterprising young ladies were selling them outside the gym. I bought a box from a girl for $4 and she told me she would make me a deal. Five boxes for $20. I did not realize until later that five boxes for $20 is still $4 a box.

When I saw her later, I pointed this out and she laughed, "That's how I trick people into buying more cookies."

She got me.


The Unwashed Mass said...

Hey Bernie! How much is 2 + 2? Only Lebanese people answer this question correctly.

Anonymous said...

Great basketball season, looking forward to the playoffs. Dat has had a great season, you're proud and should be. Now go beat the Zephyrs!

The Banker

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:45, I was conned by a Girl Scout.

Anonymous said...

This is great news

Anonymous said...

CCHS will most likely Pottsville in round one. Pottsville is the big favorite to win the Schuylkill league and league champs get top seeding. If Pottsville wins their league they would be seeded #2 behind Bangor, assuming no one upsets Bangor in Colonial League

Bernie O'Hare said...

Pottstville (16-5) is the #3 seed this year. If they win tonight, they might climb to #2. Whitehall is currently ranked #2 and Bangor is ranked first. My grandson seems to think Central will face Whitehall. I would think we would face Bangor, but it must get a bye.