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Friday, February 24, 2017

Allentown Central Catholic Stuns Blue Mountain

The Morning Call's Keith Groller has probably forgotten more about basketball in the past 24 hours than I'll learn in the rest of my life, but I'm delighted to tell you he got this one wrong. He picked the 19-5 Blue Mountain Eagles to win the District XI 5A PIAA boys' basketball championship this year. But last night, they were eliminated by Allentown Central Catholic 51-48 in an exciting game that was only decided in the final second.

Jordan McChristian, who moments before was kicking himself over a foul that allowed the Blue Eagles to tie the game, managed to sink a three-point buzzer beater and give the Vikings a victory.

At first, I thought Groller would be right. Blue Mountain steamrolled over the Vikings with 7 points before anyone knew what was happening, but then Dat Lambert and Jay Vaughan started scoring as teammates provided assists and screens. Chris Ocasio and Kevin Kern did the heavy lifting under the boards, with Keyshawn Kelman (Remember that name!) relieving both of the big guys throughout the night.

Jordan McChristian put it away. 
A stingy Viking defense surprised and confused Blue Mountain, and I thought they tired throughout the night. But in the fourth quarter, they caught their second wind and the lead seesawed back and forth as the clock wound down. Jordan McChristian was tagged with a foul in the closing seconds that enabled Blue Mountain to tie the game.But then he tore down the court and, thanks to a KevinKern assist, scored a three-point buzzer beater to win the game.

Central will face East Stroudsburg North on Monday night, while Bangor will take on Pottsville in the 5A semifinals.

Central Boys wait for the Blue Devils' game to finish

Central Scoring: Dat Lambert - 17 (3 3FGs , 4 FGs, 2 steals, 2 assists), Jay Vaughan - 10 (1 3FG, 5 assists, 2 steals and 3-3 on FTs) Chris Ocasio - 9 (2 FGs and 5-5 FTs); Keyshawn Kelman - 3 FGs, 2-5 FTs, 4 rebounds, 2 steals); Jordan McChristian - 5 ( 1 FG, 1 3FG, 0-2 FTs), Kevin Kern - 2 (1 FG, 0-2 FTs, 6 rebounds)

I received a complaint today from someone I won't mention (Don Ringer) that I need to pay more attention to Allen. I'll be watching them play against Easton on Saturday and will watch Beca play Friday night.


Anonymous said...

It looks like that one player is shooting a gang sign.

Anonymous said...

3:55 am. You are pathetic. Great photo of a team and you have to insert that thought?

Bernie O'Hare said...

The "gang sign" you mention is actually something my grandson does in honor of his departed father. He points his finger, either to the side or straight up, to tell his father he is doing it for him. You are clearly a bigot.

Anonymous said...

How many teams move on to the state tournament? Winner only? Top 2? Top 3?

Anonymous said...

top 2 in 5A.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks. I did not know.

Anonymous said...

It was a great game although it wasn't a typical #2 see vs a 7 seed. Blue Mt got #2 seed by virtue of winning the Schuylkill League which has not even close to competition that the EPC brings. The big kid from Blue Mt was tough. 5A is a neat class that brings matchups that you don't normally see otherwise. I know I know the 6A class is the best competition, but didn't we just see these schools play a league tournament? I like these cross league matchups that 5A brings. I only wish Becahi was in 5A then it would really be fun. Bernie, how the "mecca" Martz Hall holding up? I always found it a great venue

Anonymous said...

How many teams move on to state tournament in 6A?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I agree that Blue Mountain does not play at the level of teams that Central routinely faces, but they were still a very good team and it could have easily ended in their favor. The Martz is the Taj Mahal of basketball gyms. Loved it. The boys really liked it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:53, if no one here can answer you, I'll ask around tonight or tomorrow.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Number of teams in state tourney as follows:

“6A” Boys=4 “5A” Boys=2 “4A” Boys=4 “3A” Boys=2 “2A” Boys=2 “1A” Boys=3
“6A” Girls= 4 “5A” Girls= 1 “4A” Girls= 2 “3A” Girls=4 “2A” Girls=2 “1A” Girls=2


First Round – “1A”-Boys; “2A”-Girls; “3A”-Boys; “4A”-Girls; “5A”-Boys; “6A”-Girls March 10, 2017
First Round – “1A”-Girls; “2A”-Boys; “3A”-Girls; “4A”-Boys; “5A”-Girls; “6A”-Boys March 11, 2017
Second Round – “1A”-Boys; “2A”-Girls; “3A”-Boys; “4A”-Girls; “5A”-Boys; “6A”-Girls March 14, 2017
Second Round – “1A”-Girls; “2A”-Boys; “3A”-Girls; “4A”-Boys; “5A”-Girls; “6A”-Boys March 15, 2017
Quarterfinals – “1A”-Boys; “2A”-Girls; “3A”-Boys; “4A”-Girls; “5A”-Boys; “6A”-Girls March 17, 2017
Quarterfinals – “1A”-Girls; “2A”-Boys; “3A”-Girls; “4A”-Boys; “5A”-Girls; “6A”-Boys March 18, 2017
Semifinals – “1A”-Boys; “2A”-Girls; “5A”-Boys; “6A”-Girls March 20, 2017
Semifinals – “1A”-Girls; “2A”-Boys; “3A”-Girls; “3A”-Boys; “4A’-Girls “4A”-Boys;
“5A”-Girls; “6A”-Boys March 21, 2017
Championships- “1A”-Boys; “2A”-Girls; “5A”-Boys; “6A”-Girls March 23, 2017
Championships- “1A”-Girls; “2A”-Boys; “3A”-Girls; “4A”-Boys March 24, 2017
Championships- “3A”-Boys; “4A”-Girls; “5A”-Girls; “6A”-Boys March 25, 2017