Sunday, February 05, 2017

So-Called President Trump

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, probably the most liberal Circuit Court in the country, wasted no time in upholding an injunction against so-called President Trump's travel ban.  As evidence mounts that custom officials were slow to follow a judge's order last week concerning the travel ban, and Trump himself lashes out at a judge who reads the law differently than he, he is henceforth the "so-called President" to me.  I was willing to accord him the dignity his office should command, but after his "so-called judge" tweet, he deserves no respect at all.  


Anonymous said...

I love how trump feels a federal judge appointed by G W Bush is "...taking law enforcement away from our country" Any president who doesn't understand the basics of our legal system is most definitely unfit to be president. I'm not sure how a judge isn't a part of the law enforcement system in this country. I guess having faced many judges throughout his "so called" business career over the past 40 years, he's accustomed to thumbing his nose at the law.

Yosemite Samantha said...

Extreme vetting is here to stay, frankly it's long overdue. Take downtown Easton and Allentown for example two cities once controlled by Anglo-Saxon land owners currently they are in large part owned by Syrians, Lebanese, and other Middle Easterners who may still have connections to ISIS and other bad actors in the area.

For anyone interested in escaping the local echo chamber of liberals wailing in our streets come join the LVPT at the Boderline Restaurant tomorrow at from 7pm-8:30pm address is 2100 Union BLVD Bethlehem PA.

Open carry is welcome, Libtards not so much.

Anonymous said...

Oh Samantha, you will soon be branded as a racist. After all, if you have any opinion that differs from the perpetually maligned you are evil.

Anonymous said...

glad to see your group is so welcoming to all Americans.
too bad Superman is fictional otherwise he could educate your ass.

another wish would be to see the tough talk if a bunch of property "owned by Syrians, Lebanese, and other Middle Easterners" who are citizens and like open carry showed up.

of course they probably have no use for folks burdened by hate

Patriot2 said...

These judges had no right deciding national security status decisions. Hope Trump comes back with new ban on refugees while permitting those with legitimate visas that have been properly vetted. Even Obama administration were concerned about refugees from countries in turmoil.

Immigration control needs to be fixed or we end up like Europe which is overrun by Muslims demanding Sharia law vs assimilating into the culture. No one should be given visas that can't speak English in my opinion.

Yosemite Samantha said...

The immigration policies of this country have been far too leniant for decades, that is what allowed hoardes of swarthy Koran thumpers to accumulate so much wealth and property in our region. Allowing more to enter on a basis of sympathy for the war state they have cultivated is suicidal, look at France and Germany who have opened the flood gates to practitioners of Sharia law.

Anonymous said...

it becomes evil if it reaches this level

"Crawford's plans to eradicate Muslims, whom the Klansman referred to as "medical waste."

Anonymous said...

so the rule of law does not apply to mr trump?
i seem to remember conservatives cared about that at one time.

Anonymous said...


"hoardes of swarthy Koran thumpers to accumulate so much wealth and property in our region"

guess folks working hard and following the American way are to be shunned?

most likely those "hoardes" pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps.

guess conservatives hate capitalism now.

Anonymous said...

Well 12:57....looks like Yosemite Samantha just branded herself "swarthy???" Talk racist speech much?..."open carry welcome but not libtards". Could you be any more of a cliche. How about those small business owners in downtown Allentown and Easton are now part of the hope of revitalizing it just like the Hungarians, Poles, Italians, etc. did back in the 1940's and 50's.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Take downtown Easton and Allentown for example two cities once controlled by Anglo-Saxon land owners currently they are in large part owned by Syrians, Lebanese, and other Middle Easterners who may still have connections to ISIS and other bad actors in the area."

This comment is so disgusting that I question whether it is a plant designed to make Trump supporters and the LV Tea Party look bad. If it is real, it suggests a real hatred for the Lehigh Valley's Arab American community. As most people know, Allentown's Syrian and Easton's Lebanese communities are largely Christian. Many of them fled from persecution.

These are very good people. Many of these families have been here for generations, longer than my own family. I count them among my friends. Father Alex, Deacon Koury, Saharbel Kourie, the Moussa family, to name a few. Many of them, especially among the Lebanese, are Republican. And they helped put Brown in office.

I would suggest that Easton's Lebanese community pay close attention to this hate and vote accordingly. Most of the county office holders are Trumpions, and Brown himself made that clear. If the comment posted by Yosemite Samantha is real, then you need to ensure that no one associated with her kind of thinking is in any position of power.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I know many of them think like that Samantha post. I don't know If it is real or a plant. I will say that even if it fake. One question that could be asked at the tea party is, why should people vote for your tea party republicans in Northampton County when they raised my property taxes 10% and your hero wanted 20% property tax hikes?

Anonymous said...


"Tom Campione, vice chairman of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party, attended the meeting and said afterward he was more comfortable with the resettlement process after hearing from the Lutheran Service representatives but was still skeptical."

"Among those in attendance were members of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party, which issued a "call to action" on its website and Facebook pages.

"Hundreds of Syrian refugees will be relocated to the Lehigh Valley this year. We have been led to believe that they are Christians escaping ISIS, but indications are that they are, in fact, almost all Islamic. Numerous Christian organizations in the Valley are jumping at the chance to receive federal dollars to provide relocation services."

the local tea party members might want to talk to
"One woman with a local church said she used to think Muslims were terrorists, but she got involved with a Christian and Muslim dialogue group and learned otherwise.

"I have learned they are very devout people," she said. "They are wonderful people, and I would welcome any of them in my home and not be afraid."

Many in the crowd applauded.

the tea party has the chance to learn if they want to.

Anonymous said...

OMG Where did Americans flee to during the Civil War? Did they run to other countries or stay and fight for what they believed in? Are we going to take all those fleeing from war torn counties? How about the millions in Africa that have been enduring war for years? Why no outrage about those poor souls? If we had a war her, who would take us? We need to figure out America's issues before we can help other countries. How about we do that for a change?

Patriot2 said...

Very good point as refugees used to be older women & children while today the Syrian refugees are able bodied men who should be stayingto fight back. Instead they are infiltrating the rest of the world to destroy non Muslim cultures.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Patriot2, From this point, you are so-called Patriot. Your mixed up thinking is nothing i would hear from a real patriot. You went right by a slur against the LV's Lebanese and Syrian community that you know to be absolutely false.

Yosemite Samantha said...

Opposing the resettlement of Syrian refugees should be a no brainer, the doubts about my membership in the LVTP are indicative of the disconnect between left anwwwd right. Would much rather be safe than sorry, the Dems got spanked and control very little in the way of leverage during this process time to sit back and let the ruling party right our wayward ship.

Nothing is more unpatriotic than allowing thousands of Trojan horses into our midst, just ask Bernie's best friend Ron Angle.

Anonymous said...

By the way. Mayor Panto wants to give drivers licenses to people in this country illegally yet at the same time the city is taking steps to make Hugh Moore Park in Glendon unfriendly for visiting Hispanics. Last year they removed all the picnic tables from the grassy area of the park to discourage Hispanic picnics. The only picnic tables left are in the two pavilions and they are ALWAYS marked "reserved" even when no body is using them.Now they have fenced off the popular parking area along the river. I suspect this is because black people were parking there last summer and fishing.Management of Hugh Moore Park is trying to prevent the gangs that took over Penn Pump park so they disguise it in the appearance of park improvements.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yosemite Samantha, My best friend Ron Angle would never trash Easton's Lebanese community, as you did. Ron attended several Lebanese heritage festivals and has high regard for them, unlike you.I know this bc he is my best friend, unlike you. He would also never slime Allentown's Syrian community, as you did. It is one thing to suggest we put the brakes on refugees temporarily. It is quite another to claim, as you did, that Lebanese control Easton and Syrians control Allentown. I wish it were so bc they are good people, unlike you and our so-called president. One more point. Ron wanted Bloomberg to run.

Anonymous said...

" Would much rather be safe than sorry"
so an act of terror in Quebec means mr trump should enact extreme vetting of all white Canadians?
anyone who has ever been to Canada might have been radicalized.
so those folks are under suspicion as well.
following the tea party logic (all Musim refugees are suspected of terrorist ties) --so all Canadians are suspected of ties to terror?

"People who knew him said he had expressed support for Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump, and had far-right, white nationalist, and anti-Muslim views."

sounds like the suspect was radicalized.
does that mean people with anti-Muslim views are a threat to US security?
after all mr trump wants to protect Americans when they practice their religion or is it only certain religions?

Yosemite Samantha said...
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Anonymous said...

The courts are always the last resort for the left. They prefer judges who legislate from the bench rather than our constitutional framework of laws written by Congress and signed by the President.

This will be the template for the next four years. Anything Trump does, a Progressive judge in the 9th circuit will file an injunction against, knowing the 9th circuit will uphold anything anti-Trump. For every case they file and lose, reduce their budget by that amount.

If the Democrats start filing frivolous lawsuits (excuse me, continue to file), hit them with charges and have the DOJ investigate them and all their connections and payoffs. I'm sure you'll find George Soros under a rock involved in it somehow.

Anonymous said...

In this particular case, everyone should read the statute at issue. It's surprisingly clear written, brief, and easily understood.

Congress has granted authority to the Executive to issue orders regarding immigration, including *stopping it altogether* for any reason at all.

This is nothing more than a judicial coup taking control away from the President. For all the immigration garbage Obama, I stood by the principle that it was in his authority. We're seeing a true battle for our country and freedom.

Bernie O'Hare said...

And what law school flunked you? Becausae you have no idea what you are saying.

X said...

here we go with more seperation of Americans on our soil that have been as it is called, vetted many years ago! Good and bad is in every soul there is a breaking point that is controlled by todays nue gagetry. Your old tagline of we are all stuck in this fermenting pot o blue juice not only at the boiling point locally, but now at national level?
The populus must realiZe we are all, "young and old" butt insurable perils on the world ponzie scheem of things on some sort of gerbal wheel? Hopefully all are praying to whatever GOD there souls have been designed to worship because here in the triboro of nue delhi we had three attacks at once this past 24hrs that will not make it even to the local media. Personally I like that local outlets are putting the maternal mother in all the pictures lately to sway the publics subliminal messaging away from the reel preditors?
REpublican redd
humanist by design

Bernie O'Hare said...

Comments from Yosemite Samantha are no longer welcome, and I am now requiring people to identify themselves when they post their hate.