Friday, February 03, 2017

Brown Trims Gracedale Profit From $800,000 to $200,000

On January 19, Executive John Brown told Northampton County Council that he expected Gracedale, the county-owned nursing home, to finish 2016 about $800,000 in the black. . This profit excluded the money the county received from its recent sale of 37 nursing home bed licenses for slightly more than $800,000 That's a one-time revenue injection from the sale of a capital asset, so it would be improper to include this revenue when claiming that the nursing home turned a profit.

On February 3, as the picture becomes clearer, Brown now is telling Council that Gracedale earned $200,000 last year, and not the $800,000 he projected just two weeks ago. This would still be the first time since 2007 that the facility turned a profit.

But now he's playing games with the numbers, thanks to Bob Werner. He has now decided to reverse himself and include the $800,000 in revenue from the bed sale as operating profit.

This paints a more rosy picture, showing that Gracedale earned $1 million last year.

I've got an idea. Why not just tell the truth?


Anonymous said...

If Brown tells the truth, the voters may fire him! Ron Angle told the truth about Gracedale and the voters fired him. Say what?

Anonymous said...

Gracedale is a gem for the county. It is one institution that all citizens can count on. Angle and Stoffa exaggerated set up information to try and dump it. They were devious in their claims and the people of the county saw through it. Gracedale is here to stay. Spread your negative energy somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Do you expect anything else. Its the same as when he told county council that if the county didn't increase health care cost to the employees that the county would be taxed due to its plan being a Cadillac plan. Now 2 years later we find out that was an lie. Does he plan on fixing it....Nah ! I doubt it. No surprise here.

Anonymous said...

Brown wouldn't know what the truth is if it stood up and hit him in the face. This charlatan is a cancer that must be removed!

Bernie O'Hare said...

The truth about Gracedale is still positive. So tell the truth. Don't lie, as Werner urged Brown to do, and as he agreed to do. And these guys talk about ethics.