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Friday, February 17, 2017

Psychotherapist Continues NorCo Council Quest

For those of you who feel like the sane in an insane asylum, a psychotherapist is coming. Lori Vargo Heffner is expected to announce her candidacy for Northampton County Council and is currently circulating petitions. She ran in District 3 two years ago, but lost to John Cusick by 741 votes.

She will announce her candidacy at the courthouse steps today at noon.

A psychotherapist at Affiliated Clinical Services, she's a graduate of Moravian College who went on to obtain Master's degrees at Kutztown (psychology) and Temple (education). Her background is obviously an asset to a County charged with the responsibility of delivering human services.


Anonymous said...

Fire the incumbent incompetents!

Anonymous said...

An asset to council. She could psychoanalyze her peers and have them committed

Anonymous said...

I believe she does not have a doctorate, so she is not a psychologist. She has a masters so she can be a therapist.

Anonymous said...

if this woman wants to become a psychologist, she should do her doctoral dissertation on Ron Angle. She would easily get published doing a full on case study on that narcissistic maniac.

Anonymous said...

Cheap shot.