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Monday, February 27, 2017

Breslin's "Township Observer" Raises Ethical Questions

Pat Breslin
Last week, Save Green Pond attorneys Tom and Charles Elliott filed a motion to disqualify Commissioner Pat Breslin from voting on a Traditions of America retirement community in Bethlehem Township. They introduced evidence that Breslin had said the plan is a "done deal" and had disparaged Save Green Pond. They also introduced evidence that suggests Breslin may have a pecuniary interest in this matter.

Generally speaking, “A member of the board shall not be disqualified from voting on any issue before the board solely because the member has previously expressed an opinion in either an official or unofficial capacity. ” But the law is different when there is evidence that a board member has a pecuniary interest.

The brochure that Breslin gave to witness Randi Jordan includes this notation: "In the News, Green Pond Country Club to Expand, p. 5."

TheTownship Observer website includes a promotional photo for Green Pond Country Club and Banquet Facility.

The website was created by Breslin on November 1, 2016, using a compaid.com email address. It is owned by Township Observer, LLC.

According to the Pa. Corporation Bureau, Township Observer LLC was created on October 7, 2016 and lists an address of 1534 North Ninth Street Stroudsburg PA 18360  That also happens to be the address of Major Hyundai, a well-regarded auto dealer. No one there has heard of Breslin or Township Observer

I have asked Breslin to explain whether he solicited ads from Green Pond or TOA. If he solicited business forma gold and jewelry exchange, it's logical to wonder whether he contacted Green Pond Country Club and Traditions of America. I've also asked him to explain why no one at the Stroudsburg address is aware of him or the Township Observer. It is unknown whether he has received or solicited a financial consideration from Green Pond Country Club for what appears to be promotion of that business on his website. Under the state Ethics Act, elected officials must recuse themselves from matters in which they have a pecuniary interest.

Broughal indicated he would make no ruling on the disqualification motion without first affording the absent Breslin an opportunity to respond to these concerns. This should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

We're all in this together and need money to stay alive as a human and I believe elected officials acting in this skeptical manner, need not run for office again. The green pond scum is evident.

Anonymous said...

Breslin represents the very worst in Northampton County politics.
The man is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

The brothers Elliott represent one end of the integrity spectrum, Breslin the other.
The comparison could not be more pronounced.

Anonymous said...

Bernie let me ask the question, is the car dealership that Breslin has the Observer listed as an address have in any way, shape or form have any relation to any of the Daub dealerships? other than they all sell cars!