Tuesday, February 07, 2017

It's Hard to Blog at St. Luke's

Last night, right before Allentown Central Catholic was about to take on Stroudsburg in boys' basketball, I received a disturbing call that Dat's grandmother had been rear-ended on Route 191. I was asked to get her at the hospital and left right away. I dropped John Bryant off in Nazareth, then did an about face for the hospital. I'm still there.

Turns out she has a broken nose and broken ribs, and since they are the upper ribs, they want to keep her overnight. They are concerned the rib might have nicked her lungs. She is in considerable pain, as anyone who has suffered a cracked rib can attest.

By the time they find a room, she may be healed and I may be dead from old age. I can't really post any of my usual stories until I return to the bunker, and when that happens, I'll probably want to sleep. So no additional stories today.

Class dismissed!


Anonymous said...

I do Hope your Grandmother will be OK & recover quickly & I feel bad for her & the fact she was Rear-Ended there are so many people nowadays driving that just can't put there phone down wile driving. I see it every day on my way to & from work.

As for St Luke's Fountain Hill Campus I know 1st hand they get busy @ that hospital my Wife was hospitalized there just recently beginning of January for a problem with her UC condition she sat in a ER room from 8:00am until 5:00pm until a room was found for her. I know the waiting stinks but it just 1 of those things that happen

I wish the Grandmother a Full Speedy Recovery & Best of Luck to you & Family

Gary W. Gorman said...

My sincerest hope that Dat's grandmother has a full, healthy, safe and speedy recovery. I'm also glad that you were able to be right by her side when she needed you.

Anonymous said...

I hope she is Okay and recover's quickly As for you Bernie get some sleep and don't worry about all of us...... we are good-

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks all for your kind wishes.

Anonymous said...

I wish for Dats grandmother a speedy recovery, and I am sure the Irish within her will help.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, best wishes to Dat's grandmother, hope she heals quickly and well.

The Banker