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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zoners to Rule on Elias Expansion Today

Although its parking lot was full on Saturday afternoon, I doubt customers were aware that Elias Farmers Market, located at the corner of Johnston Drive and Route 191, is the subject of a hot zoning controversy. Neighbors have fought tooth and nail against plans to expand its warehouse, as well as a loading dock. Bethlehem Zoning Hearing Board is expected to rule today, for the third time, on whether the market may expand. Its previous two opinions were in favor of Elias, but a missing transcript made a new hearing necessary.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see the smirk wiped off of George Azar amd Gus Elias's face when the ZHB votes against them tonight I hope and pray because they feel that "THEY ARE UNTOUCHABLE" (in my opinion because of their connections to certain influential people) as shown by their ignorance in the past to do things they like without penalty like adding a larger parking lot without getting permits and letting their market look and feel like the "City Dump" with all the garbage, pallots & diezel trucks lurking on the Elias property! What an "eyesore" for the neighbors and Bethlehem. Sure, they don't even live in Bethlehem so why should they care! Ever see where they live? Bet you won't find anything like their Allentown and Bethlehem "messes" there. ZHB "WAKE UP" and smell the "GARBAGE" (not roses)!!

Al Bernotas said...

For those interested, here is the way this will play out.

1. The ZHB will affirm their earlier approval.

2. Mickey Thompson will issue a written decision in 45 days (mid November).

3. Subsequent to Mickey's decision, the neighbors will file an appeal, within 30 days of receiving the written decision (mid December).

4. Common Pleas will hear the appeal sometime in January or February of 2012.

5. More action will follow the Common Pleas decision, by one party or the other...

Anonymous said...

ZHB is so sick and Mickey Thompson should be fired for all his lack of caring for the residents of Bethlehem. He is for the developers and it is so obvious its pathetic. Why did I move to Bethlehem? Because then it was a good city but now with what the politicians and the people he put into these positions have done, not a good place to live anymore! Time to move to a better place before its a 2nd Allentown with junk, crime, etc.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they expand they could improve their quality and begin to stock vegetables graded higher than
U.S. #2
And most important improve on the cleanliness inside the store.
And not to appear to be calling only them out, I've seen #2 lettuce at Wegmans as well at sky high prices too boot.
Valley Farm Market seems to maintain the highest quality consistantly
U.S. Fancy
U.S. #1
although again I've seen #2 stocked for turnip tops, and on the rare occasion Leaf lettuce.
It could relate to availability however Elias has #2 most of the time.

You can access the PDF Grading files at the USDA
go to the store armed with these facts, why pay top dollar for lesser grades.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2:51 PM

I doubt if the quality would change and get vetter or maybe they will even get worse. They will be storing more for maybe longer time. They buy it from Philly after the produce is already old but they get it dirt cheap and make a good profit on it. They sell it cheaper but it spoils very fast. They are only interested in Money, Money, Money. They think they will be a distribution center for restaurants, wholesales, etc. but if they do they will be fined every day. People are wise to their underhanded tactics and I think by now they would know how people feel about them. Why would they need such a big warehouse? They are corrupt liars and they will be caught, trust me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie, why didn't you take a picture of the other side of the building - the side where everyone sees the burnt down buildings for two years, rat-infested overloaded dumpsters, tractor-trailers & trucks all over, and pallots all over the ground and show everyone why the neighbors think they are too commercial for this nice residential neighborhood. Are you prejudice? Why don't you admit it Bernie - you did an Elias flip-flop - WHY? Did they offer you something? Come on Bernie, be true to yourself!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm true to myself and am not posting anonymously. The rear is definitely a mess. That's the part they'd like to clean up with their expansion. I'm not seeing how that helps you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

3:42, why are you unwilling to identify yourself? A charge like that lacks credibility when you won't state your name.

John - Hereford said...

Yes, let's all run this family business into the ground and not let them expand. No, they should not be permitted to hire any new employees, or employ construction workers for their expansion. How dare they even ask to invest in their business. If only they could figure out how to move their business to Mexico, right? Hey dopes, how about we all work to get some jobs and people working?

laughing at you said...

they may be trouble but they were there before you WASPS. You r the dummies that built ur mcmansions on top of them - cry me a river fools. u r no better than the idoits that built on yot of chrin - losers all

Anonymous said...

If it is zoned commercial, follow the existing rules. When you begin to change the parameters and ask for zoning changes, and relaxing offsets for projects deemed intrusive by the surrounding community, expect resistance.
The last 2 commentors of course take the argument to the extreme.
Make sure you cast your vote for Ron Paul. Then they could install an infectious repository there as well. I think they would feel different if lets' say a neighbor of theirs installed an outdoor furnace on the property line and burned wood to heat his home all year long.
If this company is in the position to expand that is great, maybe take over one of the plethora of vacant warehouses and expand away. Open Elias of Easton, Quakertown, Macungie ,think big, there is only so much you can do on that tiny piece of land.
Or move to Mexico

Anonymous said...

I don't know if dummies, idiots and losers best discribes the people who could afford to live in the houses behind the store. I do know there is an Indian family that lives in that neighborhood, so out goes your attack on the WASPs' Then again I could be wrong I'm not an authority on losers.

Anonymous said...

to John - Hereford said...

No one ever said they couldn't improve what they had,in fact, they should have done that a long time ago! What was said was they couldn't expand beyond what they have now and they knew they were beyond the expansion point when they bought their business. Were they stupid, maybe yes. Let's see if the higher courts agree with the neighbors or the dumb dirty pig-style people!!