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Friday, September 30, 2011

Meet Macungie Mayor Rick Hoffman


Anonymous said...

Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Federal Election Commission Fines Mayor Callahan
Agency rules that mayoral campaign funds were used improperly on run for Congress. September 27, 2011

Bernie O'Hare said...

yes. I posted a blog about it.

Alan Earnshaw said...

At a recent borough council meeting, Mayor Hoffman was quoted as saying, "I’d like to get all of this behind us." (See http://lowermacungie.patch.com/articles/macungie-mayor-its-time-to-move-on.)

And now, in this video, he says, "Some people just don't learn, and, unfortunately, it seems like my borough council is some of those people."

I'm pretty sure making that sort of statement is not going to help reduce the tension between the mayor and the council and help everyone "move forward."

Anonymous said...

I saw someone that looked very much like the Macungie Mayor at Pioneer Days in New Tripoli today. I'm not certain it was him, but I am pretty sure. Thank you.

And I thank all who turned out today. There were a number of local public officials from about our town who did not show up and I must say our local state state rep. also gave a showing.

Thanks for all about Lehigh County and its leaders who did show up. I think it means something when our leaders show up . . . and maybe something else when they don't. Its even better when its leaders from our neighboring communities outside NT who care to drop by!

Yeah, it was either Mayor Hoffman or Santa Claus. Either way, we win! Thanks!