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Friday, September 02, 2011

Stoffa Lauds Emergency Management During Hurricane Irene

I was very impressed by the way Northampton County Emergency Management Services handled Hurricane Irene. Throughout the storm, they kept us informed. But they did much more than that, as County Executive John Stoffa said at last night's short Council meeting.
"Last Sunday, I spent the afternoon at the 911 Center and the County Emergency Management Command Center. I need to inform you how impressed I was with that group, the teamwork, professionalism and overall competence of the staff. Bob Mateff [the Director] does a terrific job. To me, they're a well-oiled machine. They get along with each other and work as a team.

"That Center included a National Guard female Lieutenant who had access to military vehicles and personnel, along with three volunteers who would find alternate homes for animals, if necessary. I didn't even know we did that. But they all volunteered, sitting there and waiting for calls.

"Also, Joe Laky, Northampton County GIS analyst, was there mapping the rising water. I didn't know they have automatic readers in the river, and can tell that the water rises from a computer.

"Presently, the staff, including the assessment office, are coordinating the collection of what they call public assistance damage reports, from all municipalities and others, for reimbursement from FEMA. We were declared a disaster County by the Governor, and there is some possibility that a lot of the townships, boroughs and municipalities, will get reimbursed."

You can sign up with Northampton County EMS for email, cell phone, pager or smart phone notifications during any major emergency.