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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bethlehem Firefighters Mobilize to Keep Dewberry Ave. Station

Keep Dewberry Ave. Fire Station Open
The City Council Public Safety Committee, chaired by Dave DiGiacinto, will meet in Town Hall this Thursday at 7 PM to listen to public concerns about this anticipated closure. They will also listen to concerns about the EMS Center, for which a dedicated tax increase was enacted last year. A new Center at Illick's Mill Road was supposed to be finished by now, but Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan would rather place it at a closed fire station.


Tony Simao said...

When the police or fire department isn't properly staffed, or the EMS department has to work out of an inadequate facility, local government is not doing what it is supposed to do. The public trust is broken, and tax money spent on anything else is nothing more than wasted.

Anonymous said...

firemen whine. alot.

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate truth is that City Council cannot stop Callahan from closing the fire station. The only thing that can influence this is public outcry. It is clear that the current council with one exception will do whatever Callahan wants them to do. Reynolds, Donchez and Dolan are all running for mayer. Reynolds is given instructions and even told what questions to ask at meetings so as to make the mayor look good.

Anonymous said...

Before you comment with the smartass question of, "what is a mayer", yes it was a typo and your argument is not made stronger by suggesting that a comment with a typo makes someone stupid or their comment invalid.

Anonymous said...

No, it is your suggestion that Reynolds is given a script by the Mayor that makes your comment stupid and invalid.

But if it makes you feel better...what is a mayer?

Boo Yah said...

To Anonymous 7:05,

It is spelled M A Y O R, and if you follow the link below you'll see that at the one minute mark Reynolds becomes his puppet.

They don't even try to hide it anymore! And that's what makes you stupid and invalid.

But if it makes YOU feel better; how do you say Rubberstamp Reynolds?


Anonymous said...

"It is spelled M A Y O R,"

*sigh* it was irony, a concept evidently lost on you. why don't you go back to your coloring books, now.

Anonymous said...

But paranoia is a concept NOT lost on these folks. The link establishes that sometimes, elected officials talk during council meetings.

and that Reynolds is really really bald. I mean like, he just doesn't not have hair, he has negative hair. I think other people get less hairy just being near him. kinda like anti-hair.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reynolds would sit in the meetings and text, until the President of Counsel asked him not to. Up to that point, the text messages were coming from the administration during the meetings. After he had to stop texting, he started getting up during the meetings to go into the hallway to be told what to say. Recently, the mayor stopped pretending and just got up during the meeting and went directly to Reynolds and whispered into his ear.