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Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Patriot Day, Semper Fidelis

This picture of our national symbol, at a national cemetery in Minneapolis, first appeared last June in The Minneapolis Star/Tribune. A bald eagle, seemingly standing guard, drives the message home that Semper Fidelis means "always faithful."

Or maybe he's just looking for a bathroom.

South Whitehall will have a brief ceremony at its municipal building at 8:30 AM. Former Congressman Paul McHale will speak at Nazareth High School at 2 PM. And at 6:15, there will be a flag retirement ceremony in Hanover Tp. These are just a few of the ways that local residents will reflect on the tragic events ten years ago. I'll try to be at them all.


Bill Coker said...

I much prefer to think he's standing guard. Many men and women are lying in these cemetaries so blogs may exist.

All who served deserve a heartfelt thank you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Already missed South Whitehall. Slept right through it.

USMC LCPL said...


77 Troops wounded in a Taliban attack. Have we conveniently forgotten that we are STILL at war? Have we forgotten that men and women are STILL dying? Have we no regard for the fact that we are STILL in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya?

Where is the hope and change, the "yes we can" that was promised?

Perhaps Mr. Geeting can explain that to us from his perch in NYC.

To me that eagle is just waiting for the right time to spread its wings again. They've been clipped by this administration.